Joanne Chang Previews Flour 3 at Central Bottle

To welcome the third location of Flour Bakery to its new home just down from Central Square, Central Bottle hosted guest Chef Joanne Chang tonight, who provided three courses each paired with wine. I attended with some dashing Citysearch Boston folks including, Surekha, Josie, Robin, and of course Christine.

The first course was a sandwich from the Flour menu. Options included smoked turkey with vermont cheddar & cranberry chutney, roast chicken with avocado & jicama, and applewood-smoked bacon withlettuce & tomato (below, photo c/o Christine Liu, Citysearch Boston).

Meatless options included hummus with cucumber, red onion, sprouts, above, and mozzarella, pesto, tomato. Though the bread on this sandwich was a tad soggy, I’ve had the hummus sandwich numerous times at Flour and know that it’s a good one. The bread just happened to become a casualty of the trip across the river.

The sandwiches were paired with a light and pleasing Montepulciano Cerasuolo Rosé (rightmost).

Second was a pizza course. Options included spinach, shitake mushroom and ricotta (above), and bacon, caramelized onion and blue cheese. Unlike the sandwiches, I’d never tried Flour’s pizza. The crust was a little thick for my taste, I much prefer thin crusted pizza. Though because of its heft, one slice would certainly be a meal. The pizzas were paired with Coltibuono Chianti Cetamura (don’t ask me about this one, I don’t like reds).

And of course my favorite part, dessert. The third course was an assortment of cookies, cupcakes, and tartlets from Flour. Above, the chocolate cupcake with vanilla buttercream and the ooey-gooey caramel nut tartlet. Below, double chocolate chip cookie and the lemon lust tartlet.

Below, chocolate chip cookie with pecans and the mixed berry tartlet.


Following the tasting, Joanne invited us next door to see Flour 3. For those of you who frequent the existing Flour locations, the space has the familiar chalkboard menu on the walls and spacious counter to display all of those tasty pastries. Joanne spoke about the challenges involved in opening a third location and how she made use of her new space in Cambridge, such as expanding the sandwich prep area so that sandwiches can be made more quickly, and allowing ample space in front of the counter so that it does not become cramped when a line forms.

A huge thank you to Central Bottle Wine for their hospitality. This was my first time visiting the store after hearing great things about it. They have an impressive cheese selection and I can’t wait to stop by during the day to peruse both the cheese and wine more fully. Thank you also to Joanne Chang. And as always, thanks to Christine and Citysearch Boston.

Flour opens this weekend at 190 Mass Ave.

Central Bottle Wine & Provisions  @centralbtlwine
196 Mass Ave
Cambridge, MA
Central Bottle Wine & Provisions on Urbanspoon

190 Mass Ave
Cambridge, MA
Flour Bakery + Cafe on Urbanspoon

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4 Responses to Joanne Chang Previews Flour 3 at Central Bottle

  1. *you’re* a lemon lust tartlet.

    thanks for the lovely snapshots and recap! your presence was tailormade for this kind of event o’ tasty.

  2. melanie says:

    this is the type of blog i can totally get down with! thanks for making it happen.

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