The Chocolate Tarte

There’s a new bakery in town. The Chocolate Tarte opened for business a few weeks ago at 199c Highland Ave in Somerville. The woman behind it is baker Linda Hein. The storefront is new, but her creations have been in and around Boston for several years now. You might recognize her mini cupcakes from such area businesses as Dave’s Fresh Pasta in Davis Square and Beacon Hill Chocolates.

On the particular day I was there, Linda had mini red velvets, brownies, and chocolate peppermint cookies. Linda emphasizes that she is a boutique bakery. She makes a few things but she makes them well. She bakes everything in small quantities so that it is always fresh. And during the hour or so I spent talking with Linda, she had a steady stream of customers and practically sold out of her supply before my eyes.

Though she was sold out when I got there, Linda also makes chocolate and vanilla cupcakes in addition to red velvet, as well as some vegan and gluten-free treats. The red velvets I tried were impeccably fresh. Moist cake topped with a smooth cinnamon buttercream frosting. I am usually pretty adamant that my red velvet be accompanied by a cream cheese frosting, but this combo won me over.

In addition to what you see pictured, Linda also sells her own homemade marshmallows. She told me that she expands her supply and selection closer to the weekend when more people stop by the shop. Other treats include a variety of tarts, of course, as well as chocolate truffles. She also sells chocolate croissants and sticky buns from Iggy’s for the morning crowd. And she always has coffee and tea for sale.

The shop is spacious and airy and gets an impressive amount of sunlight. So much so that Linda did not even have any artificial lighting on when I arrived. It would be a pleasant spot to stop by on an afternoon or weekend to relax and enjoy a cupcake or other treat. For the time being, the operation is run exclusively by Linda. She does all of her baking in the shop, and chances are she will be putting a cake in the oven or whipping up a buttercream behind the counter when you arrive. Linda could not be friendlier and loves to chat up her customers. If you happen to not be in a good mood when you go to The Chocolate Tarte, you probably will be after meeting Linda and trying her sweet treats.

The Chocolate Tarte is open Tuesday through Friday, 11am to 7pm. Linda does a sizable special order business that includes tarts, cookies, cakes, cupcakes and truffles. View all of her offerings in detail on her website.

The Chocolate Tarte
199 Highland Ave
Somerville, MA
Chocolate Tarte on Urbanspoon

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5 Responses to The Chocolate Tarte

  1. mim says:

    Those cupcakes and different subtle buttercream flavors are nothing but pure goodness! And I’m glad she’s now offering her amazing tartes and marshmallows as well. The Chocolate Tarte is a must visit and a repeat for sure!

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  4. Tarte Tarte says:


  5. .. says:

    Linda is a fat smelly bitch.

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