Dessert Club, ChikaLicious

I stopped into Dessert Club, ChikaLicious last week. Dessert Club is the more casual outpost of ChikaLicious Dessert Bar. It’s a narrow, sparsely adorned space with warm lighting and wood accents. A marble counter across from the entrance displays the selection of pastries. Seating is available at two small tables.

The most prominent offering at ChikaLicious are the cupcakes. Minimalist is one word that could be used to describe both the shop and the pastries. The cupcakes are small, topped with a smooth, flawless layer of frosting. There are two varieties of cupcakes, regular and filled. Regular flavors include vanilla, lemon, banana, and red velvet. Filled flavors include carrot, raspberry, caramel, triple chocolate and toasted almond.

Toasted almond cupcake

I’d say Dessert Club, unlike many cupcake shops, both within and outside New York, prices its regular cupcakes consistent with their size. Regular cupcakes are only $1.75. Even the filled cupcakes, at $2.50 each, aren’t prohibitively expensive.

Red velvet cupcake

ChikaLicious earns top marks for their frosting. I wouldn’t even say that this frosting is my favorite, but I am just so thoroughly impressed with the texture and consistency that they achieve. There are two frostings that one most often encounters, one is a buttercream made with little more than butter that is beaten with confectioners sugar and milk or heavy cream. This results in a slightly granular frosting, the kind that dries around the edges if left out. This kind can be found at Magnolia, Billy’s, and some of the cupcakes at Sugar Sweet Sunshine. The other kind is either a Swiss or Italian buttercream. This frosting is made from egg whites and sugar that are heated and then whipped with butter. This results in the silky smooth, shiny buttercream frosting. I am not a fan of the latter because all too often it reminds me eating straight butter. I find it too slippery and dense and it always leaves a greasy film on my tongue.

The frosting on ChikaLicious cupcakes is silky and very smooth but rather than being heavy, it is impossibly light. This was even more impressive considering that the frosting on the red velvet, rightly so, was cream cheese. It’s lightness was comparable to that of whipped cream.

The cake was moist and fluffy, but not particularly flavorful. I rarely encounter red velvets where the cake has a prominent flavor. So far I have only tried the regular cupcakes at Dessert Club. If you are looking for a more interesting tasting cake, I would recommend the vanilla, lemon, or banana cakes.

Vanilla custard cookie eclair and chocolate drenched cocoa cookie eclair

Other ChikaLicious pastries include the cookie eclairs, macarons, chocolate chip cookies, ice cream and cake slices. Many of the pastries tend to be small, but, like the cupcakes, the prices reflect the size. Nothing at Dessert Club is more than $5. Possibly the most unique creation, made specially for the summertime, is a non-dairy ice cream sandwich made with an almond macaron and Valrhona chocolate sorbet. This is for my next visit to Dessert Club.



More cupcakes in New York:
Billy’s Bakery
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Chikalicious Dessert Club
204 E 10th st
New York, NY
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