Momofuku Milk Bar

Banana cake – banana cream, hazelnut crunch, gianduja fudge

Milk Bar is the dessert outpost of the Momofuku restaurant empire. It has gained immense popularity over the past year and a half  for its whimsical desserts such as cereal milk soft serve and eye catching names like crack pie and the compost cookie.

Birthday cake – rainbow cake crumble, sprinkles, vanilla frosting

The most eye-catching desserts are Milk Bar’s tall multi-layer cakes. They are sandwiched with ample frosting, curd, and buttercream and adorned with toppings. Some have a few too many fillings for my taste. The high ratio of filling to cake lends these desserts a very pudding-like consistency, especially in the chocolate malt cake. Gooey is the first word that came to mind when I tried this cake.

Chocolate malt cake – malt fudge, malted milk crumbs, charred marshmallows

Chocolate chip cake – passionfruit curd, chocolate crumbs, coffee buttercream

The chocolate chip cake is the best of the lot, combining several flavors and textures in one bite: chocolate chips throughout the cake and piled on top, tangy curd, and rich buttercream. I find other Milk Bar cakes to be overly moist, adding to their pudding-like consistency, but the chocolate chip cake maintains a sturdy, just dry enough crumb.

Peach tea soft serve

One of my favorite desserts at Milk Bar offers is the soft serve, which comes in the trademark cereal milk flavor, cantaloupe honey, raspberry lemonade, and peach tea. The peach tea is mildly sweet and very light, almost the texture of a very creamy sorbet. The cereal milk, everyone’s favorite, is richer, not reminiscent of sorbet at all.

I’m leaving my review of the pies for another time (most of you are probably familiar with the crack pie, whose filling is little more than heavy cream, brown sugar, and butter). On this particular visit, there were no whole pies available, but several prepackaged pie slices for sale. While the boxed slices offer their own unique appeal, if I am going to pay upwards of $5 for a very small slice of pie, I’d rather it not be pre-packaged.

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Momofuku Milk Bar
251 E 13th St
New York, NY
Momofuku Milk Bar on Urbanspoon

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8 Responses to Momofuku Milk Bar

  1. A-Tooch says:

    Ah, Milk Bar. I am fortunate (or unlucky) to live just 2 blocks from this decadent place. Crack pie is a MUST HAVE. Yes, even at the steep price. Tastes like pure butter. Loves.

  2. Give me Milk Bar Chocolate chip cake cake or give me death! 🙂

  3. sssourabh says:

    I actually didn’t think Momofuku’s lived up to its hype, but never tried their cakes, only their pies! When you’re around next check out their compost cookie, which contains everything from chocolate chips to potato chips to pretzels. I have an article on my favorite cookies of the world (an incomprehensive but informative list) here, where it is included.

  4. D says:

    hey, it’s not clear – are the cakes here ones that you’ve made or pictures taken of the ones made by the establishment. I’m guessing the latter, but they look a bit shoddier than I would expect from a pro outlet! I’ve just tried the choc chip layer cake at home… it’s in the freezer! …..

  5. vplant says:

    A colleague of mine brought me a couple of the Milk Bar’s Corn Cookies and I hate to admit it but I ate two of them (they are huge) in one sitting. They were delicious!

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  8. whatandyate says:

    Milkbar is pretty good. I made the blueberry and cream cookies. Everything in the book takes so many steps to make. I think that is part of the reason for the high prices. Everything is very labor intensive.

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