Summer Vegetables at City Bakery

Fruit tarts

Even though I’m writing this post mostly to talk about the salad bar at City Bakery, I’ll start out with some pictures of the baked goods, first, because those photos came out better, and second, because that’s usually how my meals go.

Vegan chocolate chip cookies

City Bakery’s pastries are artfully presented yet rustic. Like the salad bar, many of the pastries take advantage of local fruit in season. Others take advantage of copious amounts of butter and chocolate. Though clearly not the vegan chocolate chip cookies, which in my mind look better than non-vegan varieties elsewhere.

Pretzel croissants

Watermelon with feta and mint

The pictures are blurry, but I did want to document my lunch at City Bakery. City Bakery is both a cafe and bakery and is renowned for its use of high quality local ingredients. In the summertime, I tend to not eat out so that I can take advantage of the bounty of local produce that I wait for all year. Several restaurants serve local produce, but there are only so many establishments where you can order a meal that consists almost entirely of locally grown vegetables, and even then, that meal tends to be a green salad in some form or another.

Green beans with parmesan, lemon, and pignoli nuts

City Bakery is the one place where I eat out while knowing that I am taking full advantage of the local produce available. You see, City Bakery takes just about every vegetable, fruit, and herb in season, and turns it into a mouthwatering dish. Cucumbers are pickled, summer squash roasted,  tomatoes chopped for gazpacho, romaine lettuce becomes caesar salad, and much more. They also offer multiple fish and meat options at the salad bar, including broiled salmon and chicken quesadillas.

Persian cucumber and celery with garlic chive and ginger

One of my favorite dishes that they offer is the radicchio and chickpea salad pictured below. The creamy, almost sweet chickpeas provide a nice textural contrast to the crunchy, bitter radicchio, and a mild dressing melds the two together.

Radicchio and chickpeas with watercress

Israeli couscous with spring herbs and ricotta salata

The price per pound is higher than most any other salad bar, but then again, you won’t find another salad bar of this high a quality. The freshness and choice of ingredients are unparalleled. Should you want to bring a lunch companion who does not get quite as excited about an outstanding salad bar, the cafe offers more typical lunch fare as well, including sandwiches, mac and cheese, pizza and soup.

Roasted zucchini

City Bakery
3 W 18th St
New York, NY
City Bakery on Urbanspoon

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4 Responses to Summer Vegetables at City Bakery

  1. Alison says:

    Who knew they had a salad bar?! I’ve only been there in the morning for their INSANE hot chocolate. I know this isn’t exactly hot chocolate season, but you might want to consider highlighting it in a post… it’s like a melted chocolate bar. I actually advise getting the mocha version to cut the richness a tad. Soooo good.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Oh I know the hot chocolate well! It’s a ways away, but I might leave reviewing it until the hot chocolate festival, which happens in February and features several different flavors of hot chocolate. If they came up with a frozen hot chocolate though…

  3. Jose says:

    Just a heads up, City Bakery’s Pretzel Croissant has its own website:

    *And if you happen to come in (almost) every day during February to try the various flavors during the Hot Chocolate Festival, Maury (CB’s owner) could possibly treat you on the last day of the Festival too all the salad bar items, baked goods and hot chocolate you can consume. 😉

    **And, yes, CB does have a Frozen Hot Chocolate – at least an Iced Hot Chocolate – during the summer months. It’s usually kept at the counter in pitchers on ice by the cash registers.

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