Treats Truck

If ever a baker and a bakery held a warm place in my heart, it is Kim and the Treats Truck. There are ice cream trucks, waffle trucks, fancy dessert trucks, and more, but the Treats Truck is the only straight up bakery on wheels, at least in NYC. I learned about the Treats Truck when my parents happened upon it on the Lower East Side one day in 2007. I have been hooked ever since.

Kim, the woman behind the Treats Truck, is one of the warmest, friendliest people you will meet. If you’re feeling blue, go to the Treats Truck. See Kim. Things will be better. And she will give you a Mexican Chocolate Brownie. And you will forget everything that happened before you took that first bite. I’m a sucker for any good bakery, but throw in Kim’s ultra sweet disposition, her charming truck, and her stellar baked goods, and you’ve got a formula for a highly successful mobile operation.

If I had to pick my favorite Treats Truck treat, it would probably be the caramel creme sandwich cookie. A rich, sweet vanilla frosting sandwiched between two buttery brown sugar cookies. If butter and brown sugar had a baby in cookie-form, this would be it. And it is divine. The cookie is moist but just crumbly enough to provide the perfect textural contrast to the sweet creamy filling.

Now, about that Mexican chocolate brownie. (By the way, pictured above is the chocolate chip brownie. The Mexican chocolate brownie was, unsurprisingly, already sold out when I got to the truck that day). I don’t know if I can put the flavor into words, except that when you bite into it, your taste buds will perk up at an unfamiliar, yet intriguing and delicious flavor. This does not just taste like cinnamon and chocolate combined. Whatever Kim’s recipe is for these brownies, it produces an unusual yet absolutely fantastic flavor.

The cran-almond rice krispie treat was a new one for me. It’s a heartier, jacked up krispie treat, but the thing that I really like about it is that it is less cloyingly sweet and sugary than the traditional square. If you are a fan of copious amounts of thick, sticky marshmallow throughout, then you might want to opt for the plain square. I, for one, very much enjoyed the less sweet cran-almond square.

Oatmeal Jammy

When you purchase something at the Treats Truck, Kim will give you a punch card. You might as well remember to keep this with you, because you will end up going back to the truck again and again, and after your ninth punch, you get a free treat.

And if you happen to not have the entire world accessible from within your phone, you can still find out where Kim is if you are not at a computer. Kim leaves a recorded message every day letting you know where the truck will be. Program this number into your phone, (212) 691-5226, and you will never be without treats.

Lastly, but most importantly, the food trucks in NYC, including the Treats Truck are under attack due to a proposal by a city council member that would make it very difficult for the trucks to go about their business by imposing absurd restrictions and unnecessary fines. You can read more about the controversy here. To contact your local NYC council member, click here. If you have any ideas or suggestions about how to defeat this proposal, please share them. The food truck owners and employees work hard to bring New Yorkers a valuable service. Their ability to operate their businesses should not be hindered by a meaningless proposal.

Treats Truck
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New York, NY
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7 Responses to Treats Truck

  1. RH says:

    Why isn’t the treat truck in Boston! Now that I read this I NEED a treat truck in Boston!

  2. Sarah says:

    What a week! So many treats! I love your posts. It makes me think I should take a week off and eat nothing but dessert.

  3. leslie says:

    the treatstruck is a treat. Be sure to see Treatstruck on Best Food Ever, saturday night, July 31st.

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