Treat Cupcake Bar

Last Friday, amidst pouring rain, I paid a visit to Treat Cupcake Bar, the new shop located in Needham.

I was lucky enough to try Treat cupcakes back in April when they attended CupcakeCamp. The concept of Treat is a customizable cupcake. You choose a flavor of cupcake, a frosting, and whatever mix-ins you like, and the staff whips up your custom cupcake before your eyes.

The process will be familiar to anyone who has ever visited an ice cream shop that does mix-ins. They place a dollop of frosting on the countertop along with your selected mix-ins and blend them together using spatulas.

The cupcake is served to you in a tray with your frosting on the side and a wooden fork for spreading. For my creation, I chose a chocolate cupcake, cream cheese frosting (I have a slight obsession) and being the sweet/salty fan that I am, I chose peanut butter cups and chocolate covered pretzels as my mix-ins.

The first thing I will say about Treat cupcakes is that they are HUGE. One of the most common complaints about some of the cupcake shops in Boston and Cambridge is that they are overpriced and undersized. At Treat, they do not skimp on portion size. Alongside your sizable cupcake, they give you a hefty serving of frosting as well.

I thoroughly enjoyed my cake. It was moist, dense, and had a rich, chocolate flavor. I’ve tried many chocolate cakes that look the part but have little or no chocolate flavor. This one was almost brownie-like in taste and texture. I loved my frosting, but I suppose that is unsurprising as I did create it according to my preferences. The pretzels provided saltiness and texture and the peanut butter cups lent a strong peanut butter flavor while still preserving some of the cream cheese flavor. Serving the frosting on the side allows you to use as much frosting as you like, or to employ the frost as you go method, which I may or may not have used.

My friend Ali chose the gold cupcake and buttercream frosting with oreos and coconut. The gold cupcake was dense and buttery. I like the oreos for the texture, but this particular choice added too much extra sweetness to the frosting for my taste.

In addition to the create-your-own, Treat has several flavors of ready-to-eat cupcakes.

Peanut butter overload – chocolate cake, pb cups, pb frosting, chocolate ganache

Plain Jane – vanilla cake and vanilla frosting

Triple chocolate – chocolate cake, white chocolate filling, chocolate frosting

S’mores – Chocolate cake, graham cracker bottom, milk chocolate, toasted marshmallow

Treat uses charming signature cupcake liners above. I thought they were a fun touch that I haven’t seen used anywhere else.

Photo c/o Ali Adler

The shop itself is fun, spacious, and brightly colored. It provides a pleasant setting in which to relax and enjoy your treat. There are several tables and an open kitchen allows you to see the behind the scenes action.

Photo c/o Ali Adler

Photo c/o Ali Adler

If you stop in, say hi to head baker Adie, who is delightful, and is in the bakery there morning till night churning out all of the delicious creations at Treat.


Treat is providing the opportunity for one lucky FreeFoodBoston reader to try out the Make Your Own Cupcake bar for FREE. For your chance to win, leave a comment below about what custom creation you would create at the cupcake bar, or which ready-made cupcake you most want to try. You can view a full list of Treat’s offerings here.

Treat Cupcake Bar
1450 Highland Avenue
Needham, MA
Treat Cupcake Bar on Urbanspoon

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26 Responses to Treat Cupcake Bar

  1. tbella says:

    Ooh well you have me sold on the chocolate cupcake! I would top it with cream cheese frosting with coconut & white chocolate chip mix-ins! I’m a coconut addict!

  2. Kara says:

    Chocolate cupcake with cream cheese frosting and coconut. But once I see the full list of mixins that may change. They look great!

  3. Cari says:

    How fun! That peanut butter chocolate overload cupcake looks deadly but delicious — I have to say that it would probably be my pick! Treat looks like a cute place, too.

  4. Erin Wetherell says:

    Peanut butter overload, obvi. You can never ever ever have too much peanut butter! Also, may I add, Treat has the best color scheme ever.

  5. Sara says:

    I’m pretty excited to see gluten free cupcakes on the menu!

    But I’d have to say – chocolate cupcake with buttercream, reeses and peanutbutter. Mmm.

  6. Kristen says:

    This place is adorable!

    I’m a total sucker for red velvet, so I’d have to try one of those. But to make my own it would absolutely be marble cake, cream cheese frosting, and dark chocolate chips. Yum!

  7. Michelle says:

    Ooh, I’d definitely want to do a vanilla cake with peanut butter frosting and chocolate shavings!

  8. Lori says:

    Everything looks so good!! i would do a chocolate cupcake with peanut butter and bananas! Oh yeah!

  9. Surekha says:

    The Caramel Swirl or Peanut Butter Overload are high on my list to try an existing combo, but to make my own? I’d have to go with a marble cake, cream cheese frosting, malted milk balls, and coconut… mmm…

  10. Lori says:

    This look so tasty!

    I would love a chocolate cupcake with pb frosting and bananas… and there would have to be a reeces piece on top!

  11. Josie says:

    First off, let me just say that I just caught up on every one of your previous posts and have officially gotten a sweet-tooth kick to last me the rest of the year! Holy coooow, that was a lot of some of the best looking treats I have ever seen! I so need to hit NY up soonsies, that’s where the real goodies are at.

    In regards to this post, I got so excited when I first heard about this place. Anything DIY I seem to be an automatic fan of, and I would definitely have to make myself a red velvet with cream cheese frosting mixed with shredded coconut and dark choco chips. Or I would totally take the Chunky Monkey as is. Mmmm!

  12. Katie O'Neil says:

    oh I would definitely need marble with vanilla buttercream, more vanilla buttercream, maybe some chocolate buttercream, oreos, and toasted marshmallows.

    I love buttercream!

  13. Valerie says:

    Yum! C&J Katz did a great job on the interior. I’d go for gold, chocolate butter cream and peanut butter cups.

  14. Kavon says:

    I think I would eat a chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting and m&m and dark chocolate chips.

  15. Erin says:

    The Pumpkin Pie seasonal cupcake sounds perfect to me. Come on Fall!

  16. honeybee33 says:

    I’m afraid I’m not very imaginative, so I’d have to go with an “Almond Joy:” chocolate cake and vanilla buttercream frosting with coconut and almond slices mixed in. Either that or the premade triple-chocolate – even though my husband swears “it’s not chocolate!” I still adore white chocolate combined with milk and dark chocolates!

  17. Gina says:

    I would definitely try their Gluten Free cupcake since I was just diagnosed with a gluten intolerance and haven’t have cupcakes or any baked good in many months!

    I’d top that with cream cheese frosting, Reese’s pieces and coconut.

  18. Marcie says:

    I would try the vanilla cake with classic buttercream and oreo mixed in. I had their vanilla cake a few weeks ago and it was DELICIOUS.

  19. Kathy says:

    This cupcake bar is a great idea! I think I saw something similar at the Burlington mall.

    I like my cupcakes fairly simple so I’d pick either the Plain Jane (with vanilla cupcake and chocolate frosting) or the Lemon Drop.

    I wonder if mochi might work as a cupcake topping. It goes really well as a frozen yogurt topping. 🙂

  20. Tom says:

    I would love to try the gold cupcake, vanilla buttercream with Pop Rocks and Nerds mixed in! Would absolutely remind me of being a kid. Pop Rocks giving a surprise every now and then in combination with the kinda-sour Nerds….mmm.

  21. Taryn says:

    Yummy!! I think I’d make a chocolate cupcake w/ classic buttercream, dark chocolate chips and peanut butter cups!

  22. Martin says:

    Marble cake, vanilla classic buttercream, Oreos and M&Ms. Mmmmmmmm … But really, at Treat, everything is good so I would eat anything put in front of me. 😉

  23. meghan says:

    G – Free – what a place!

  24. Joanna says:

    Pop Rocks as a mix-in?! Whoa! I think I’d probably go for a gold cupcake, classic buttercream, with either Pop Rocks or Nerds. Hell, I might even have both mixed in!

  25. Christie says:

    Definitely the smores cupcake, I love smores!

  26. Sharon says:

    My concoction is already on their standards list: the peanut butter overload… ganache, peanut butter, chocolate cake…perfection on a tray…can’t wait to try it.

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