Cookies and Sandwiches in Fort Point: Channel Cafe, Flour, and Sportello

I consider Fort Point Channel a mini bakery/cafe mecca. And by mini mecca, I mean to say that there are three establishments that I am very fond of all within a three to four block radius. Fort Point is the beginning of South Boston just over the water from South Station. A lot of the area’s character comes from its architecture. Spacious brick buildings and lofts that once housed factories are now home to offices, several galleries, and a few restaurants. A large waterfront plaza in front of the Children’s Museum provides an ideal spot to take lunch outside or simply walk around.

I met my friend David for lunch (for him, snack for me; his lunch hour is late in the day). After having an in depth conversation with my coworker Kim about chocolate chip cookies in Boston and Cambridge, I was pretty intent on getting one. I could procure one from any of my three favored cafe/bakeries, which by the way, are Sportello and Flour, located on Congress Street, and Channel Cafe on Summer Street. (Yes, Sportello is a fine dining establishment but they do have a cafe/bakery as well and do an excellent takeout lunch). I decided to go with Channel Cafe. I learned about Channel Cafe via Twitter back in February. I had never heard of them but their menu intrigued me with several delicious-sounding dishes, many of them vegetarian. I then came across this picture of their chocolate chip cookie and decided I had to try it. I did. And it was excellent. I decided to have it once again today. Channel is located down a flight of stairs from street level, alongside an art gallery. A few baked goods are displayed on the counter. Today there was an apple pie, blueberry scones, and a three tiered tray holding chocolate chip cookies, oatmeal raisin, and snickerdoodles. The other two looked good, but as I said, I was on a mission.

All day I’ve been struggling to find the words to accurately describe the cookie. As you can see from the picture, it is lumpy, it doesn’t have a smooth convex top like other cookies. I believe this results from a high butter ratio, and possibly fewer eggs. This cookie is not cakey and not chewy. It is rich, buttery, and fairly sweet. The edges are crispy, which I love. The middle is a lot softer, almost along the lines of cookie dough. I would prefer that the middle be cooked more, but with cookies this large, I do realize it is hard to get the center well-done without the edges being overdone. And speaking of size, yes, this is a large cookie. Not only that, it is one of the cheapest good-quality cookies around at $1.62. Lastly, this cookie uses mini-chocolate chips, which I find go very well with the dense consistency. I think that chocolate chunks or standard-sized chocolate chips would be too much of a mouthful in a cookie this thick.

David opted for lunch at Flour, a favorite of his. I will compensate for my lengthy cookie description with a very short description of this, mostly because I myself didn’t eat it. He ordered the roast chicken sandwich with avocado and jicama. This sandwich was one option at the Flour 3 preview party at Central Bottle Wine. I would happily get this sandwich sans chicken any day. The jicama was marinated in lime and went deliciously with the avocado. When I do get lunch at Flour, I usually opt for the hummus and vegetable sandwich, which layers thick homemade hummus with crunchy sliced vegetables.

And for later in the afternoon, a Good Morning muffin made with raisins and carrot.

I didn’t stop at my third Fort Point spot today, Sportello, but I will leave you with some pictures of my previous trip there.

Chocolate passionfruit macaron and red velvet cupcake

Clockwise from top left: double chocolate cookie with walnuts and sea salt, hazelnut macaron, almond chocolate macaron, cornmeal ginger cookie, chocolate chip cookie, s’mores cupcake

Channel Cafe
300 Summer St
Boston, MA
Channel Cafe on Urbanspoon

12 Farnsworth St
Boston, MA
Flour Bakery + Cafe on Urbanspoon

348 Congress Street
Boston, MA
Sportello on Urbanspoon

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3 Responses to Cookies and Sandwiches in Fort Point: Channel Cafe, Flour, and Sportello

  1. Sarah says:

    How are Sportello’s French macaroons? Where are other good places to try them? Aren’t they supposed to be “The new cupcake?”

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