The Smith’wich

My journey to enjoying the Smith’wich, the mammoth ice cream sandwich sold at The Smith restaurant, was not an easy one. Ok, it was not actually difficult, but it involved my learning about it via Grub Street in the beginning of June, completely forgetting both the name of the restaurant and where I had read about it for two months, and then serendipitously happening upon the restaurant itself on Wednesday while walking with NYCee.

My mom and I stopped by yesterday to add it to our roster of ice cream sandwiches. We considered ordering it at the window, but with the 90 degree heat, opted instead to sit at the bar and enjoy the AC. The bartender could not have been friendlier or more gracious. He presented us with glasses of water as soon as we sat down. I had never been inside The Smith. I absolutely loved the decor, with lots of lighting, white tile, and green glass bottles, adorning the bar.

If you do take the sandwich to go, it comes very neatly packaged.

I unwrapped the packaging to find a beauty of a sandwich. Crispy, dark brown cookies held together by a hefty layer of house-made vanilla ice cream. It is certainly enough for two people to split (though I also would have no problem finishing it on my own).

In my recent ice cream sandwich obsession, I’ve found that relatively large serving of ice cream is required in order to stand up to rich, flavorful cookies like these. The Smith’wich more than fulfilled this requirement. A thick layer of ice cream will also melt more slowly. An ice cream sandwich, especially one of this size, takes some time to eat, and you need to ensure that the ice cream is still somewhat frozen by the time you get to the last bite of the sandwich.

I really can’t say enough about the cookies. They were crispy around the edges, chewy in the middle, and studded with big chunks of chocolate. They were softened enough to bite into but not the least bit soggy from the ice cream. This was not always the case, apparently. The Smith sells a Quarter Pounder chocolate cookie on its regular dessert menu. The Smith’wich used to be made using these until they discovered that the cookie absorbed too much of the ice cream and they switched over to the current cookie. I haven’t yet tried the Quarter Pounders, though I would happily purchase these cookies on their own.

I chronicled our consumption of the sandwich to show how well it held up over the course of about fifteen minutes. Though, I realize most Smith’wiches are probably eaten outside in the heat, and therefore will soften and melt faster than ours did. I now have my next mission. Buy Smith’wich number two, and eat outside.

The Smith
55 3rd Ave
New York, NY
Smith on Urbanspoon

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3 Responses to The Smith’wich

  1. Erin Wetherell says:

    OMG. Please bring one back for me!

  2. Surfin The F says:

    YUUUUUM, looks like it was well worth the wait!

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