All-Star Sandwich Bar, Peasant Greek Salad

If you follow my tweets, you’ll see I like to keep you guys in the know regarding farmers’ market demos. They are a free foodie/local farm lover’s dream. Today’s demo at the Harvard Farmers’ Market came courtesy of Chef John Diamontopoulos of All Star Sandwich Bar in Inman Square, Cambridge.

For us fortunate market patrons, Chef John made a Peasant Greek Salad using stunning heirloom tomatoes from Plato’s Harvest. This is not a regular on the All-Star menu but is sometimes featured as the special veggie side.

To the heirloom tomatoes he added chopped English cucumber (the long, skinny, thin-skinned variety),

red onion, dried oregano,

olive oil, and a liberal handful of salt,

and tossed to combine. Chef John used an olive oil made by his own family in Greece. It was dark and fruity without being peppery and astringent as some stronger olive oils are.

After spooning the salad into cups, Chef John topped each with a few chunks of very moist, salty Dodonis feta, imported from Greece, that he gets from Tony’s Market in Lynn, MA. Dodonis feta is a sheep’s milk feta that is creamier and milder than the more common barrel-aged feta.

The end result, needless to say, was amazing. Just a few ingredients, all incredibly fresh and flavorful. I enjoyed that the vegetables were cut into very large chunks so that you could actually taste each on its own. The feta really tied the ingredients together nicely. Just be forewarned, once you try this feta, there is no turning back. Any grocery store variety just won’t compare.

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