Market Report: Harvard Farmers’ Market, August 10th

We’re getting to the point in the summer when the markets are so filled to the brims with every kind of produce you could desire that I almost begin to take them for granted. Almost. Just when I think everything has come in and there are no surprises left, to my delight the farmers go and bring something new.

Today, those surprises included champagne grapes from Ward’s Berry Farm and okra at both Silverbrook Farm and Lanni Orchards.

Now a standby at the markets well into August, heirloom tomatoes from Ward’s Berry Farm.

Not quite new, but a more recent arrival in our area are the tri-colored beans, above, from Silverbrook Farm.

Practically every summer berry was on sale today. Above raspberries from Ward’s Berry Farm and currants, below, from Lanni Orchards.

I’ve been stocking up on pickling, or Kirby, cucumbers, which I love to eat both plain as well as pickled. Last week I saw them as cheap as four for a dollar. Below, smaller cukes from Lanni Orchards.

Sweet corn, fifty cents an ear, at several farms including Ward’s above.

Plato’s Harvest, which has gorgeous organic produce, had this stunning flower collection today. They also had brightly colored heirloom tomatoes and melons which I didn’t snap any pictures of.

There is no shortage of dessert options at the Harvard Farmers’ Market. Lately I’ve been a fan of the pastries at Ward’s Berry Farm, including black and white cookies, blueberry scones, and several kinds of sweet breads.

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1 Response to Market Report: Harvard Farmers’ Market, August 10th

  1. Erin Wetherell says:

    I’m glad(iola) you enjoyed the market today! : )

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