Macaron Parlour Revisited

Last weekend, I enthusiastically returned to the Hester Street Fair in NYC. I was excited to say hi to Simon of Macaron Parlour and try some more flavors of macarons. Last time I visited, I was highly impressed with the coffee macaron. This time I had a hard time deciding what flavors to try, but the decision was made somewhat easier by the fact that some of the more popular flavors were sold out.

We ended up getting a red velvet, nutella, and tiramisu. The red velvet is definitely for cream cheese frosting lovers, as that is the dominant flavor in that macaron. The filling of the nutella macaron had that familiar chocolate hazelnut taste but without the heavy, gooey consistency of nutella.

The tiramisu was probably my favorite of the lot, with espresso-flavored shells sandwiching a mascarpone filling. The first two macarons were delicious, but the filling held most of the flavor. In the tiramisu macaron, the shells and the filling were equally dominant in flavor. And as always, I love the small touches that Simon and Christina add for presentation, in this case, a delicate dusting of cocoa powder.

The Hester Street Fair runs Saturdays and Sundays. That means today! And if you’re curious to learn more about how Macaron Parlour came to be, check out the MP blog which has interesting and amusing anecdotes about learning to make macarons in Paris, how the two of them met, and their experiences running the business. There are some pretty cute stories. I almost think they should have a reality show on TLC called NYC Macarons. Kidding… mostly.

Macaron Parlour
At the Hester Street Fair
New York, NY

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