My JP Licks-athon

This summer, I have been eating JP Licks like it is going out of business. Ice cream in general, really, but mostly JP Licks. I read somewhere that Massachusetts consumes the most ice cream per capita. As a MA resident, I have apparently accepted it as my personal duty to make sure our per capita consumption goes nowhere but up.

You know the book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie? It reminds me of myself. I’m never satisfied with just one. If I’m getting a cup of ice cream (not a sundae, no toppings) I wouldn’t dream of getting only one flavor. I always need to have two. I love dreaming up flavor combinations. Apparently, the JP Licks staff are into this practice too, as they have come to my assistance numerous times lately in selecting two flavors that go together.

This first one is a creation of my own that my friend Leah and I got yesterday. It was actually our second of the day, but this first. Peach and maple buttah walnut. I have enjoyed the peach before and Leah was very interested in it, so we established that as flavor 1. When thinking about what to pair it with, there is the fruit route, pairing it with a flavor like black raspberry. I wanted something more complex though. I ruled out anything coffee, chocolate, or mint. And then I came across maple buttah walnut. Ah! It would be like, a maple walnut peach crisp! Or, a peach pie with a maple walnut crumb topping. Or, a maple walnut shortbread thumbprint cookie filled with peach preserves. As you can see, I like finding non-ice-cream dessert equivalents. The two flavors did go beautifully together, though if I had the option to specify, it would be ideal with two thirds peach and one third maple walnut. The latter was richer and more intense than the former, and with equal proportions, the maple threatens to overpower the peach.

I’m working backwards in time. Leah and I didn’t share just one. If you know us, you’d know how silly an idea that is. Previous to awesome combination #2, we shared a cup of oatmeal cookie hard yogurt and peanut butter Oreo. Peanut butter oreo was my choice, as I’d had it earlier in the week and absolutely loved it. Peanut butter oreo is not an easy flavor to pair with something else. The peanut butter and chocolate is an intense combination in itself. Leah immediately suggested the oatmeal cookie hard yogurt. After asking for a taste, I was on board.

If you were to give me this flavor without telling me its name, I probably would have just said cinnamon. There are no chunks of cookie in the hard yogurt, though the texture suggests some ground up cookie blended in. It tastes most like a sweet cinnamon. Once again, a perfect pairing. If you’ve never tried cinnamon and peanut butter (as in the real things, not ice cream flavor), you might be pleasantly surprised. The spice complements the creamy, fatty peanut butter well. The lighter consistency of the hard yogurt was also a welcome contrast to the rich, heavy peanut butter Oreo.

I mentioned that I had tried peanut butter Oreo earlier in the week, as in, it may or may not have comprised my dinner on Friday. I forgot to mention, peanut butter Oreo is a seasonal flavor for August. I was sad to see July’s cucumber ice cream and watermelon sherbet end their run, but not that sad considering what replaced them. I got this particular cup at the Davis Sq. location. I need to ask her name the next time I go, but there is one employee there who is excellent. When I told her I was going to get two flavors, she immediately suggested pistachio and chocolate, and gave me a taste of the two together.  It was a fantastic combination, but I was in the market for some peanut butter Oreo. Wanting something chocolatey but not too much so, I opted for chocolate chip.

The vanilla base of the chocolate chip ice cream was a nice mellow foil to the more intense peanut butter flavor, and the chocolate chips added nice texture.

And now, going against my need for multiple textures and crazy combinations, I present to you, plain chocolate. Just chocolate. This one actually belonged to Ryder, who is distinctly anti-crazy flavors and anti-bells and whistles in his ice cream. He likes plain chocolate and nothing else. I took advantage of this opportunity since I would never order this on my own. It was very nice. If I were given a cup of this, I would not complain. It had a solid chocolate flavor, not too intense, and lightly sweet.

And as everyone knows, to really judge the merits of an ice cream producer, you need to see how they do with the standards. Based on this standard, and several other non-standards, I give JP Licks a 4 out of 5 stars.

JP Licks
4A College Ave.
Somerville MA
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29 Responses to My JP Licks-athon

  1. Ryder says:

    Thanks for the shout-out! Plain chocolate  is indeed the best.

    I have to say, though, that while JP Licks chocolate is serviceable — and I may or may not have had a few more cups during my stay in Cambridge — it’s not nearly as good as the chocolate ice cream I used to enjoy from Toscanini’s or Herrell’s back when they were in the square. Those were definitely more satisfying, and each place had two or three types of chocolate (the malted chocolate at Herrell’s was my favorite); they are sorely missed.

  2. Courtney says:

    I’d probably have to go for the Sangria special.

    How often can you get a ballin’ sangria ice cream

  3. Kellie says:

    I had a mix of oreo frozen yorgurt and skim milk which turned out to be one the the BEST milkshakes i’ve had this summer.

  4. Adam Lipkin says:

    The oatmeal yogurt is my single favorite thing at JP Licks, but I never even thought about combining it with other flavors. The peanut-butter oreo one is tempting, but the oatmeal flavor and texture is complex enough that I think I’d prefer a simper flavor. I think I’d probably try it with coffee.

  5. Dave says:

    Coconut and Oreo

  6. sam says:

    my current obsession is the peanut butter oreo too!

  7. Sally says:

    I also had the peanut butter oreo last week, and it was incredible. I usually eat ice cream as a vehicle for hot fudge (since for some reason, people look at me funny when I just eat hot fudge) but this was the best I’ve had all season and I licked the bowl clean.

  8. Josie says:

    Ahh, so many flavor options! On it’s own, my trusty favorite flavor is always Coffee Oreo. However, I just think it’s too good to mix with anything else. Thus, my top 2 mixes would have to be Cappuccino Crunch w/Oatmeal Cookie (for the richer side of ice cream) or Cherry Garciaparra w/Coffee Chip (for the fruiter side). I’m clearly a big fan of the coffees :d

  9. JohnZ says:

    Lately, Retro Orange Sherbet seems like a good choice. Maybe boring but… still good.

  10. Caroline says:

    Peanut butter oreo sounds like heaven, and I’m with you on loving two flavors at once. I usually like mint & black raspberry, or oatmeal hard yogurt and strawberry (-rhubarb, when available!). However, that Sangria special sounds pretty good too…looks like I know where I’ll be going after work today.

  11. Ben says:

    I love their oreo combinations! I’ve had cake batter oreo and coffee oreo and both blew my mind!

  12. Tony says:

    Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Peanut Butter Oreo! No doubt in my mind!

  13. joan says:

    I too am partial to the oatmeal cookie yogurt at JP Licks. It makes me feel virtuous because it’s low-fat, but it tastes so good that I don’t at all feel like I’m depriving myself. I’ve never thought about combining it with other flavors, but I would definitely like to try the oatmeal cookie yogurt with the maple walnut ice cream! Why not?? I like maple syrup and walnuts in my oatmeal for breakfast, so it seems completely logical. 🙂 Along similar lines, I like chocolate chips in my oatmeal cookies, so the plain chocolate ice cream with the oatmeal cookie yogurt could be a good combo as well. Yum.

  14. Allyn says:

    I’m a purist when it comes to ice cream. I’ll try interesting flavors, but I only order one flavor at a time. I want to really enjoy each bite! As far as JP Licks goes, the peanut butter oreo is amazing. The cucumber was perfect for summer, like a trip to the farmers market.

  15. I’m all about the Peanut Butter Hard Yogurt at JP Licks. I’ve never had anything like it anywhere else and it is SO. TASTY.

    I’m not a big flavor-mixer but I bet the PB Hard Yogurt would be real nice with the Oreo ice cream (negating the pseudo health benefits of the “yogurt”)

  16. michelle lee says:

    peanut butter Oreo sounds like heaven

  17. Erin Wetherell says:

    Per usual, peanut butter Oreo. It’s not even a contest when there’s peanut butter involved.

  18. Dan says:

    Fresh peach and strawberry are my favs!

  19. Andrew says:

    I’m totally a fan of the oatmeal cookie hard yogurt + peanut butter hard yogurt combination. Next time I’m thinking oatmeal cookie plus pistachio or strawberry.

  20. Pam says:

    I didn’t know they had peanut butter oreo this month – must stop by to try it! My favorite ice cream flavor ever is mint oreo (or grasshopper pie, from my days scooping at Emack and Bolio’s). I love crazy flavors, but I don’t like combining different ice creams in one bowl.

  21. Vanessa says:

    Hi there,
    While I have never been to JP Lick’s or sampled any of their ice cream (a SIN! I KNOW!!!), I would love to try their special flavor of the week titled ‘Boston GreenFest Mint Lace’. It sounds like the perfect blend of mint flavor and chocolate plus the benefits go to a good cause – being Green and economically sustainable! What’s better than that? A win-win all around! 🙂

  22. JG says:

    Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough + Cookies & Cream

  23. Sarah says:

    I’d want to check out the sangria sorbet. Every encounter I’ve had with the intersection of wine and ice cream and/or ice cream-type desserts has been fantastic.

  24. dave says:

    Coffee Oreo and chocolate!

    The creamsicle soft serve is also a favorite of mine.

  25. Jessica says:

    Maple butter walnut and fat free Oreo frozen yogurt are my favs so I’d get those:) can you see I’m trying to balance one with the other?

  26. Liz says:

    Definitely coffee oreo! Those pictures make me want to visit JP Licks right now.

  27. lei ann says:

    since i loves me a delicious baked good as much as ice cream, i’d make the ice cream version of my favorite kind of cake & combine brownie batter & cake batter!!!

  28. Katie O'Neil says:

    I would for sure get cookie dough, oreo, with marshmallow sauce.

  29. Leslie says:

    I’ll stick with my old standbys, Lumpy Primate or Cherry Garciaparra!

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