Rainy Day Cookies

I interrupt my Montreal recaps to bring you an important announcement. I made cookies. And I’ve eaten several so far in the half hour that they’ve been out of the oven. It is GROSS in Boston today and it has been an unsettlingly long time since I last baked. I recently discovered Joy the Baker. Her repertoire of cookies alone puts other baking blogs to shame (Blueberry Black and White Cookies?! Whaat?!). I was jonesing for some chocolate and peanut butter and luckily Joy had exactly the recipe I was looking for.

It’s a standard chocolate chip cookie recipe with some peanut butter thrown in. She also calls for a pinch of nutmeg instead of vanilla for flavoring. I was extremely conservative with my pinch. Nutmeg is a spice that is easy to overdo (I despise over-spiced pumpkin pie). Turns out I was too conservative. I can’t taste it at all in this batch. But I like them all the same.

This cookie was photographed literally on its way to my mouth.

I would definitely describe it as a peanut butter – chocolate chip cookie. Not to be confused with a peanut butter cookie with chocolate chips in it. The recipe calls for them to be baked for 12 minutes. I might leave them in for closer to 10 minutes next time. This batch was excellent right out of the oven, but became a tad dry after they cooled. Though if you ever wanted an excuse not to wait and to eat something right out of the oven, here’s your chance.

View the original recipe here.

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