Day 2: Montreal – Noodles and Waffles

After the Jean-Talon market we did do some non-food tourist activities, but food is clearly the best part, so I’ll start off with that. We continued to explore Rue Saint Laurent in the afternoon and happened upon Juliette et Chocolat, the other spot that Jamie had recommended. I wasn’t looking to sit down for a full dessert right then, but I scoped out the place and considered what to order when we returned.

Rue Prince Arthur Est

Dinner ended up being a mini-expedition. My list of restaurants to check out included several cafes that were only open for lunch. Around 5 o’clock, I decided that if we skipped stopping back at our hotel, we could make it to one of the cafes, Olive et Gourmando, for an early dinner before they closed. Unfortunately, though they were still open, the selection was rather sparse. All of the vegetarian sandwich options were sold out for the day. Slightly frustrating as we had trekked all the way down to the waterfront and now had to walk back up Saint Laurent in search of an alternative. I did not want to leave empty-handed though, especially considering their selection of good (but pricey!) pastries. I got a Jamie’s bar, an intensely butterscotch pecan blondie. Though if you asked me, I would have sworn it was maple. It was the perfect bar, with a thick crust and a dense, chewy middle.

Now, who says you can’t indulge in cheap greasy food with no regional significance while on vacation? Throughout the day we passed several Thai and Vietnamese restaurants and the idea of something cheap and simple was appealing.

Our noodle dishes were on the smaller side, so we had plenty of room for dessert. Only a few doors down was a brightly colored frozen yogurt and waffle chain called Yeh! We got a crispy Belgian waffle with mango and strawberries.

With some froyo on the side. Yup, we left lots of room for dessert.

And if you are curious about the non-food activities, we spent the afternoon in Parc du Mont-Royal. We explored the park’s trails and lush woods. The monument below is located on the edge of park on Avenue du Parc.

Before turning in for the night, we did some exploring of the area. While walking along Rue Sherbrooke, we passed a building with beautiful artwork on the side. Outdoor artwork was something we saw a lot of while in Montreal.

And something right up my alley, a community garden.

Days one and two had some good food, but day three without a doubt took the cake.

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