Noodle Kugel Ice Cream

New flavor alert! The month isn’t even over but JP Licks has already unveiled a few new flavors. Two of them are part of a promotion that the store is doing with Wicked, the musical: Elphie Green, basically a mint chocolate chip, and Glinda’s Strawberry Blonde, just strawberry. The other two, very festively so, are Rosh Hashanah flavors: Noodle Kugel and Blackberry Manischewitz sorbet. I was a little hesitant to try the sorbet, but Noodle Kugel ice cream!! In my last JP Licks post I proclaimed my love for ice cream flavors that resemble other desserts, so I was definitely excited to try this one. I paired it with Oreo, by the way, a somewhat impulsive decision but one I did not regret.

They hit the nail on the head with this one. For starters, there are actual egg noodles in the ice cream, which add a unique textural note not often seen in ice cream. They are chewy and toothsome, but tender. The flavor is a rich mixture of vanilla and cinnamon, but more importantly, it really tastes like a baked eggy custard. It is delicious and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I hope they continue with the Jewish holiday inspired flavors. I’m dreaming of chocolate babka and latke with applesauce.

Want some free JP Licks? Comment with what unusual flavor you’d most like to see. I’ll select a winner at random Saturday morning.

JP Licks
4A College Ave.
Somerville MA
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5 Responses to Noodle Kugel Ice Cream

  1. Ben says:

    let’s fast forward to Hanukkah flavors… Potato Latke with Applesauce Ice Cream (that’s gotta win me something, right? haha)

  2. Ben says:

    Realized you already created my idea… what about Passover – Charoset and Matzah! maybe even a little horseradish?

  3. Tili S. says:

    I’ve had earl grey ice cream once, at dearly departed Herrell’s, and I’d love to taste it again … sigh.

  4. Erin Wetherell says:

    Rice Krispies & Peanut Butter!

  5. Surekha says:

    Cocoa puff & raspberry jam ice cream 🙂

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