Food Trucks at SoWa: Cupcakory

Sunday was a great day in the world of Boston food trucks, as it marked the beginning of Food Trucks at SoWa. Every weekend through the end of October, a rotating group of food trucks will be present at the SoWa Open Market on Sundays, from 10am to 4pm. Market goers got a preview earlier in August during the 1st Annual Boston Food Truck Festival. I was away that weekend and I was particularly sad that I missed out on The Cupcakory, Boston’s first and only cupcake purveyor on wheels.

Luckily, Diane and her tasty treats were out again in full force on Sunday. She brought with her a selection of four cupcakes as well as a tea cake. The cupcake flavors were coconut, salted caramel on chocolate cake, raspberry on lemon cake, made with MA-grown raspberries, and chocolate frosting on vanilla cake. The tea cake was raspberry pistachio.

Diane was sweet as could be and explained to me the process it has been trying to get her truck out on the streets. Luckily, steps are being taken to ease the permitting process for food trucks in Boston, and things might change in the near future. For now you can get them every Sunday in the South End. This past Sunday, I was particularly enticed by the salted caramel on chocolate cake and the lemon cake with raspberry frosting. Having coincidentally made cupcakes with raspberry frosting the day before, I opted for the chocolate and caramel.

If you like, salted caramel, even a little bit, get your hands on this cupcake. It was delicious. I tasted the frosting first on its own, and I was smitten. It was buttery, sweet and salty, a perfect balance of each. The texture was smooth and silky and impossibly light. I so rarely encounter buttercreams this light. The cake was moist and perfectly tender. It had a nice, deep chocolate flavor. The frosting with the cake was a perfect pairing. There was the sweet-salty contrast both within the frosting itself and between the frosting and cake.

I am thrilled that the Cupcakory will be at SoWa through the fall, as I intend to try every flavor she has to offer. But I am excited for the permitting process to be complete so that she can start parking and selling in different areas of Boston. The great thing about food trucks, aside from the fact that they’re simply fun, is that they can be in a different location every day. So when I recommend Cupcakory to my fellow cupcake lovers, they can check out when the truck will be in a location that is convenient to them. There is also, then, the element of surprise. I could think of nothing better to brighten my day than walking along my usual route and suddenly finding parked by the sidewalk a white truck adorned with plants selling delicious cupcakes.

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