Food Trucks at SoWa: Clover Food Truck

Shocking as it is, I did eat some non-dessert before my Cupcakory cupcake on Sunday. Clover Food Truck, to the joy of many, attended Food Trucks at SoWa this past weekend. Clover always has an awesome selection of beverages including homemade sodas and teas. They do a brown sugar soda, a maple soda, and all week they have been tweeting about a cinnamon soda. On Sunday the truck was serving up melon agua fresca, and blueberry and ginger lemonades.

It was a scorcher on Sunday, so we decided to cool down with some cold dishes. (Apologies for the lackluster photos. I blame the heat). Dave got the tomato gazpacho. This is the kind of gazpacho I grew up with, a simple puree of tomato, cucumber, onion and pepper. It was quite a spicy though, to my dismay, especially in the heat. The croutons thankfully mellowed some of the spice.

I ordered the beet salad with mint, feta, and pumpkin seeds. The beets were cooked perfectly, very tender. The pumpkin seeds were a nice addition instead of the usual nuts. I wish the salad had had more feta and mint though. It was not quite enough to flavor the quantity of beets, and many of the bites underneath the top layer were mint- and feta-less.

Though I love the good old chickpea fritter sandwich, I’m usually tempted to try the salads because they are always changing. As their tagline proclaims, “Everything will be different tomorrow.” I want to try the egg and eggplant sandwich, a menu regular, but I want to be sure to try their summer salads before they are gone. The current special sandwich that won’t be around forever is the tomato sandwich. This replaced the basil sandwich, that I sadly never got a chance to try. This one features thick slices of heirloom tomato, sharp cheddar cheese, lettuce and mayonnaise on a pita. So simple, but probably so tasty. And that’s what Clover does best, taking a few really good ingredients, and combining them into an excellent final product.

Oh, and a final shout-out to Pete, our awesome order-taker who also served me on my previous trip. He is extremely friendly and never hesitates to answer questions you have about the food or the menu. Service with a smile, another reason I go to Clover.

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