Billy’s Bakery

Will you guys hate me if I do another New York post? I actually have a backlog of them and I thought I’d take today to share one with you. So, let me dedicate this post to anyone who might be traveling to New York over the holiday weekend. This is mostly a post in pictures.

Many of you are probably familiar with Billy’s Bakery as one of the original New York cupcake shops. I’m not sure if I could name one NY cupcake shop as my  favorite, but Billy’s definitely makes it into my top two.

The ambiance and decor of the shop exudes warmth and charm. Replete with pastel colors, cake stands adorned with paper doilies, and period-specific furniture, Billy’s is meant to evoke the feel of a 1940s American kitchen.

The yellow walls and abundant sunlight add to the warm feeling inside. In the front window, there is almost always an employee frosting cupcakes for customers and window shoppers to see. It’s fun to watch and this particular employee demonstrated the process and the final product for me.

The cupcake selection is simple: chocolate and vanilla cake and frosting, as well as banana, carrot cake, and red velvet.

I’ve had every type of Billy’s cupcakes. On this particular day, I opted for a red velvet. The cake was moist and topped with a hefty dose of the gritty confectioners sugar frosting that I love. With only a few flavors, the quality is fairly consistent. If you like banana, I highly recommend their banana cupcake, also topped with cream cheese frosting.

And if you aren’t in a cupcake mood, Billy’s has about 30 other options to satisfy your dessert craving. Such as…

Peach Pie

Chocolate and vanilla ice box cakes, and mini cheesecakes below

Key lime pie

Peanut butter chocolate pie

And much much more. I can’t speak to many of these options though, as I rarely get anything from Billy’s other than a cupcake. It’s not that the other options aren’t tantalizing. They certainly are. It’s that cupcakes are what Billy’s does best. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When at Billy’s, order a cupcake.

Billy’s Bakery
184 9th Ave
New York, NY
Billy's Bakery on Urbanspoon

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2 Responses to Billy’s Bakery

  1. Ryder says:

    The chocolate chip cookies are good too!

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