I began this Labor Day weekend close to home. I was looking for a late lunch in Harvard Square on Saturday and I was craving some protein, so Dave and I decided to check out b.good. Working in Harvard Square, I would pass by the Dunster Street location every day, but I’d only tried b.good once, about four years ago. My first experience was not positive. I tried an Italian-inspired burger with tomato sauce and mozzarella and a Mexican-style burger that was far too spicy. The flavors did not impress me and the patties were dry. B.good has done a lot though in the past four years and I have followed them closely on Twitter. All along I have loved the concept, wholesome “fast food” made with good quality ingredients. And I of course am a supporter of their commitment to source ingredients locally. I’d heard many positive reviews and I wanted to try it out again.

This time around, I was very satisfied. I ordered the veggie burger Sal Bacado, the seasonal special burger with local corn salsa, bacon, and avocado (sans bacon). I really liked each component of this burger. The patty was tasty. The corn salsa and avocado were delicious. And I much prefer a hearty, seeded whole grain bun than a mushy white one. My only issue was that the patty was a tad dry. The bun, though not dry in and of itself, was thick. I found that removing some of the bun improved the dry to moist ratio.

Dave got the Adopted Luke beef burger with mushrooms, caramelized onions, swiss cheese and homemade bbq sauce. I myself was debating between this one or the Sal Bacado. His was automatically more moist simply because he got beef instead of a veggie burger. I doubt though that I would find mine dry if I had gotten these toppings. The mushrooms were intensely garlicky and paired nicely with the cheese and sauce.

And, the perfect accompaniment to burgers — a chocolate milkshake made with locally-made ice cream. This was a GOOD milkshake. I really enjoyed the burger but I would go back just for the milkshake. It was thick, rich, and chocolatey, and inexpensive as far as milkshakes go, only $3.60.

I thoroughly enjoyed this meal, and want to go back to try other burgers. But in general, I am also eager to support b.good because I like their goals and their philosophy. They prove that you can make fast food that tastes good, isn’t expensive, and most importantly, is made from ingredients that were grown or raised responsibly.

24 Dunster St
Cambridge, MA
B Good Burgers on Urbanspoon

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  1. Adam Lipkin says:

    b.good also, in keeping with the theme of the blog, sends out a coupon for a free burger on your birthday if you join their mailing list (and often posts Twitter and email specials offering a free shake or fries at certain locations).

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