Ceres Bakery, Portsmouth, NH

On Sunday, we headed out of town to Portsmouth, NH. I am a sucker for any quaint New England town, but Portsmouth may very well be my favorite. I discovered it for the first time four years ago when my college friend Whitney invited a few of us to her house for the weekend. Since then, I have visited Portsmouth at least once a year. It was not until my last visit though, that I discovered Ceres Bakery. I went up with my parents the day after CupcakeCamp, a very chilly and rainy day. We stopped in to Ceres to warm up with a bowl of African nut soup and some sandwiches. Our food was delicious and the perfect antidote to a cold, gray day. Adjacent to the room where you order your food is a room with additional seating. Its bright red walls and colonial decor add an overall charm and warmth to the room.

This time, it was not so cold, so Dave opted for a cup of gazpacho to start. Though it was nice and chunky, the tomatoes in it did not taste fresh. It tasted like they had used canned tomatoes and was a little bland. I was much more excited about the sandwiches.

Dave got roast beef with provolone and horseradish on country white. Ceres, being a bakery, bakes all of its own bread. You can buy whole loaves of it as well. I am not typically a white bread fan, but this was good white bread.

I got the same thing I got back on that cold day in April, black bean hummus with smoked gouda, lettuce and tomato on sesame whole wheat. The hummus is delicious, thick and creamy with just a little bit of a kick. The hummus and the gouda make for a very flavorful sandwich. The bread was also excellent. Ceres does whole wheat breads really well. And what’s better than a good sandwich, but a good CHEAP sandwich. Guess how much this sandwich was. Guess.

Five dollars!! If anyone knows of anywhere in Boston where you can get an equally good vegetarian sandwich on good homemade bread for only $5, please tell me. Seriously, I would like to know.

After lunch, I perused the extensive baked good selection, though they were quickly selling out of many items. By the time we finished our sandwiches, they were out of chocolate chip cookies.

But they had several other interesting and appetizing cookies, like the Snitz with chocolate chips, coconut, pecans, and lemon zest, and some pretty delicious looking snickerdoodles. I went with the kitchen sink cookie, with chocolate chips, cranberries, white chocolate, walnuts, and coconut. Like my ice cream, I like my cookies with lots of bells and whistles. The kitchen sink cookie was crunchy on the edges and chewy in the middle, with lots of different textures from all of the additions. I’ve said this before, that a good cafe and bakery, with good quality sandwiches, soups, and baked goods, is my favorite sort of dining establishment, and Ceres gets extremely high marks in this category.

And if the food isn’t enough to draw you to Portsmouth, here’s a look at the views from Prescott Park, right in downtown Portsmouth.

Ceres Bakery
51 Penhallow St
Portsmouth, NH
Ceres Bakery on Urbanspoon

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