Cake & Shake

Photo © Michael Ginsburg

Dessert this past Friday was courtesy of a Groupon my mom purchased. I had never heard of Cake & Shake, but when she told me it was a truck that dispenses cupcakes and milkshakes, I was intrigued.

The truck is an eye-catching light blue, with playful graphics adorning the exterior. The cupcakes are stored and displayed on an enclosed shelf that pulls out. The truck on the southern end of Washington Square Park sells five flavors of cupcakes and four milkshake flavors each day.

After viewing the day’s flavors, I knew I definitely wanted the Rich Guy, a mandarin orange cupcake with fig mousse and candied walnut cream cheese frosting. We decided to also get the Whozeewhatsit, a milk chocolate cupcake with caramel mousse and nougat frosting.

The Rich Guy was fantastic. The cake was moist and had a subtle orange flavor. The fig mousse was like a loose fig jam or compote. The walnut cream cheese frosting was smooth and complemented the orange and fig beautifully. It was a well thought out combination of flavors and the execution was spot on.

The Whozeewhatsit was not as amazing as the Rich Guy, but still good. I very much enjoyed the milk chocolate flavor of the cake, definitely different than a standard chocolate cake. I didn’t love the filling, which in my opinion did not taste very caramel-y, but I loved the nougat frosting, which reminded me of a praline.

We of course could not leave Cake & Shake without trying a shake. The flavors available that day were salted caramel, Haitan mango, and wild raspberry. With my abundant love for salted caramel, we decided to try that one. It had a nice sweet and salty flavor, though it was slightly icier than milkshakes tend to be. I’m not sure why this was, but I do know it contributed to some serious brain freeze.

The combination of cupcakes and milkshakes is an interesting one. If not for the Groupon, I do not know that I would ever get a cupcake and milkshake at the same time. They do not skimp on portion size here. Judging by this experience, I would most often choose a cupcake in the future. Though with more options, there is more widespread appeal I suppose. And so, cupcake lovers and milkshake lovers rejoice. You can now dine at the same truck.

Cake & Shake
Washington Sq S & La Guardia Pl
New York, NY
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