Chocolate Chip Cookies – Batches 2 and 3

Batch 2 – Thin and Crispy

Making batch 2 thin and crispy was fairly simple. I baked them longer. Shocker, I know. I made all of these cookies fairly small, so none of them required a long baking time. I kept these in the oven for closer to 12 minutes, unlike the 7-8 minutes required for batch 1. I took them out when they were sufficiently brown, not just on the edges but across the top as well.

I enjoyed the thin and crispy, certainly more than the chewy batch 1. But now I was looking for a thicker cookie. That’s where batch 3 came in.

Batch 3 – Thicker and Cakey-er

There are several ways to make cookie dough bake up into thicker cookies. I knew this dough was spreading out thinly because of a high butter to flour ratio. So I decided to add some more flour to even out the ratio.

What resulted was the perfect chewy, slightly cakey cookie. Not as greasy and butter-laden, it was thick and chewy in the middle and just crispy around the edges.
But I realized my next mistake when I tasted them. They still tasted good, but quite a bit less sweet than the previous batches, because while I had added flour, I did not add any additional sugar. Instead of adding more sugar though, I went a different route. I added some praline pecans that my roommate got from Trader Joe’s, hoping that their thick coating of sugar would sufficiently sweeten the cookie. The pecans certainly contributed some sweetness, in addition to adding another layer of texture to the cookie.
I was still looking for a bit more sweetness though. I figured since I had already added in nuts, I might as well continue on the path towards a fully loaded cookie and add some dried fruit. Stay tuned for Batch 4 – Thick and Chewy Praline Pecan Cranberry Chocolate Chip Cookies. Phew.

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1 Response to Chocolate Chip Cookies – Batches 2 and 3

  1. Sarah says:

    Praline Pecans in a CHOC CHIP COOKIE? Sounds like heaven to me.

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