Chocolate Chip Cookies – Batch 4, Loaded

As promised, I continued to fiddle with my chocolate chip cookie dough, this time adding some mix-ins: praline pecans, dried cranberries, and raisins.

I varied the amount of mix-ins that went into each cookie. I made one that was about 2/3 mix-ins and 1/3 dough, pictured in the center above, as well as one with the opposite ratio.

The extra “stuff” definitely helped with the issue of the dough not being sweet enough. I love cookie dough in that it is fairly forgiving when it comes to changes and tweaks. It is amazing the number of outcomes that can result from making small changes to one initial dough base.

Every dough has its upper limit when it comes to tweaking, though, and this batch has reached it. That means it is time to pick a new recipe! Any suggestions?

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