Lotus Blossom Cupcake at Kickass Cupcakes

On Thursday night, before settling in to watch Community, one of my absolute favorite shows right now, Dave and I decided to get a little something sweet. I happened to have a Kangogift for a cupcake at Kickass. Kangogift, if you haven’t heard of it, provides “Instant Gifts by Cell Phone.” Say your friend just got some good news and you want to send him/her a fun congratulatory dessert. You just go on to the Kangogift website, select an item, for example, a cupcake at Kickass, or a pastry from Finale, enter in your friend’s cell phone number, and you’re done! Your friend gets a text message saying what gift you gave them and all they have to do is show the text message at the store to redeem it. It’s like effortless, paperless gift certificates.

Back to our dessert. I have tried most of the standard flavors at Kickass, so I am usually more intrigued by the specials. On Thursday, one of the specials was the Lotus Blossom, a buttermilk cupcake filled with sake-soaked pears and topped with a lichi frosting.

The cake itself was rich but light and moist. There was a definite difference in lightness between this and a standard yellow or vanilla cake. It was softer and much less dense. The pears did not taste overwhelmingly of sake, which I liked, but Dave said he would have preferred more sake flavor. I feared I wouldn’t like the frosting, which the Kickass employee described as floral-tasting. I’m not the biggest fan of floral flavors. I don’t like anything lavender-flavored, and I only like rosewater in small amounts. This frosting ended up having just a subtle floral flavor, offset by a good amount of sweetness, and a hint of citrus.

The cupcake itself was executed well, though it was not my favorite combination of flavors. But kudos to Kickass for doing such an unusual flavor.
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