Some New York Noms

I spent the weekend in New York for Dave’s sister’s engagement party. I got to spend Friday evening and Saturday with my parents, doing what I do best, finding and eating baked goods.

On Friday night after dinner, my mom and I walked down to ChikaLicious for a dessert. I’d never tried their premium cupcakes (they have standard ones and fancier premium cupcakes). We were deciding between caramel and mocha and settled on caramel.

I LOVED the red velvet we got here a few months ago, but I was quite underwhelmed by the caramel cupcake. The cake was very light and springy, and the rich, cloyingly sweet frosting completely overpowered it. In general, I love an abundance of frosting but this was way too rich and heavy. I was also disappointed by the caramel flavor. Maybe it’s just that I’ve gotten too used to salted caramel in pastries, but the flavor was rather flat and unexciting. The actual caramel in middle was dried and clumpy. For a better caramel frosting, I suggest they take a tip from Cupcakory.

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