A Friend Is…

Were truer words ever spoken? I don’t think so. Before I tell you the source of that, I have to say,

Happy Birthday Julie!!!

Today is my roommate Julie’s birthday. And clearly I bring this up so I can share with you the sugary treats that we partook in so far today. She received this lovely surprise upon arriving at work. They are indeed cupcakes from Flour Bakery.

And to up her chocolate consumption just a little more, I surprised her after lunch with a flourless chocolate cake from Finale. Really dense flourless chocolate treats are sometimes too intense for me, but this one was delightful. A hint of espresso really brightens the overall flavor of the cake.

Though it is not quite my birthday, I came home to find a package waiting for me from my friend Emily. Emily used to live in Boston up until a few months ago. She moved to Minnesota to go back to school and become a master of the forest :). She is also a champion cook. Emily was responsible for my fantastic birthday cakes last year, which included a cranberry almond frangipane tart and a gluten-free chocolate cake. She and I share an intense passion for farmers’ markets and good, sustainably grown food.

Canning is one skill of hers that I admire. I was thrilled to find this beautiful looking homemade applesauce in my package. But that wasn’t all. She also sent me Almond Nut Honey Spread from Wolf Honey Farm in Wisconsin.

This shows how well Emily knows me. I love honey, especially really thick, creamy honey that you can scoop up with a spoon or spread on bread.  It says it’s delicious on buns, toast, pancakes and ice cream. That is all true. It is also delicious in a finger-full right out of the tub. And that is exactly how I enjoyed it. I had never seen almond honey spread. It is a very thick honey with ground almonds mixed in and a touch of almond extract. I can’t wait to try it on some toast with maybe a little almond butter. Thank you Emily!!!

Tucked inside the package was this tiny card that read “A friend is someone who arrives with dessert-just when the world has deserted you.” And so, here is to friends, birthdays, and the little (sweet) joys in life.

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2 Responses to A Friend Is…

  1. Emily says:

    Awwww you are too sweet and wonderful! You deserve all the delicious joys of the world.

  2. Michelle says:

    you two are adorable! Miss you both!!

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