Roasted Peppers and Macarons at Hester St.

While I was in New York, I made a point to visit my beloved Hester Street Fair. It was far less busy than during the summer. There were fewer vendors, and fewer people overall. One vendor that I had not seen during my previous visits. Jim, the friendly and charming owner of Jim’s Pepper Roaster, sells a nifty contraption that allows you to easily roast peppers in the oven. He also sells sandwiches made with his delicious roasted peppers. By the time we arrived, he was out of crusty bread, and so we got a roasted pepper sandwich with marinated feta on a pita. The pepper and feta were rich and dripping with olive oil. The soft texture of the two toppings though really necessitated a heartier bread than a pita. At the very least, I would ask him to toast it the next time around.

And as always, I paid a visit to Simon at Macaron Parlour. I was very excited to try their new fall flavors, pumpkin, fig, and apple cider caramel, that I had read about on Twitter. When we got there, the fig was sold out. But the apple cider caramel more than made up for the lack of fig. Sandwiched in between two bright red shells, the filling was a thick, sweet and salty caramel mixture. It actually had pieces of diced apple mixed into it. I have previously proclaimed my love for both caramel and salted caramel and this one did not fail to satisfy.

A close second of the ones I tried was the cinnamon pistachio with morello cherries. I definitely tasted more pistachio than cinnamon, which I enjoyed since pistachio is rather mild flavor. I know it is not quite traditional to incorporate chunks of fruit in the filling, but I enjoyed both the color and the flavor of the chopped morello cherries in between the shells.

They shells of the pumpkin macaron were a festive black and orange, sandwiching a thin layer of lightly spiced pumpkin filling.

The s’more macaron was fun in both flavor and appearance. It had two graham cracker shells encasing a filling of chocolate ganache and marshmallow. It looks exactly like a s’more when you bite into it and see the distinct chocolate and marshmallow in the middle.

I’m excited to see what flavors they create as we get closer to the holidays. Although it will be somewhat more difficult to procure them, as the Hester Street Fair will close up shop sometime in November. Whatever their plans, I propose that Macaron Parlour take a trip up to Boston, bring some macarons and possibly teach a baking class.

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