Tamarind House

Last week for my birthday, all I wanted for dinner was Thai food. I had had a lot of mediocre Thai food lately and I was on the lookout for something of a higher quality. My roommates recommended Tamarind House, just down from Porter Square and Dave and I took them up on their suggestion.

We started out with a Thai iced tea. For anyone unfamiliar with the beverage, it consists of black tea with a large helping of sugar and sweetened condensed milk. It is incredibly rich and milky, almost like a tea-flavored ice cream that has melted, but thinner in consistency.

My two favorite Thai dishes are Masaman curry and pad see-ew, followed closely by pad thai. We ordered the curry and pad see-ew and split the two. I ordered the pad see-ew, which the menu describes as stir-fried wide rice noodles with Chinese broccoli and egg, with just vegetables, no tofu. Usually the dish comes with a token three or four pieces of broccoli and carrot. The pad see-ew at Tamarind House had the most vegetables I had ever seen in a Thai noodle dish. I actually think there might have been, wait for it, more vegetables than noodles (gasp!). And the variety. In addition to the noodles and egg, the dish was packed with cauliflower, snow peas, celery, squash, sweet potato, pepper, and regular broccoli, as well as carrot and Chinese broccoli. I relished the texture that the vegetables added. They made it into a much more complex dish than the standard pad see-ew with mostly noodles.

The Masaman curry also had a nice helping of vegetables, though this one we ordered with tofu. I absolutely adore coconut curries and I love soaking up the extra sauce with rice. The curry sauce was sweet, rich, and slightly spicy. Coconut curry with brown rice is the perfect stick to your ribs meal.

I was absolutely thrilled with my experience at Tamarind House. The interior is clean and pleasant and the staff were very friendly. But if all you really care about is a good plate of Thai noodles or curry, definitely try Tamarind House. Any restaurant that will make a pad see-ew that is delicious and is comprised of mostly vegetables is a place I am sure to return to.

Tamarind House
1790 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA
Tamarind House on Urbanspoon

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