Danish Pastry House

After our food truck smorgasbord on Wednesday, Christine accompanied me through the Government Center farmers’ market. I had one stall in particular in mind, the Danish Pastry House. I discovered them two years ago at the Harvard Square farmers’ market and in the past few years I have managed to sample a large portion of their pastry offerings: cookies, scones, tarts, pies, croissants, sticky buns, almond kringle, etc.

I think my favorite items from DPH are their pies and tarts. They have a few staples but they also like to switch it up based on what is in season. Through the summer and into the fall, the pies and tarts feature a lot of apricot, peach, pear frangipane, cherry, plum, strawberry rhubarb and more. And mind you, it’s not JUST apricot or peach. It’s blueberry peach crumb, or apricot cherry frangipane. They really know how to combine their fruits. I promise I’ll get more pictures next time. On top of being delicious, the frangipane tarts are some of the most beautiful presentations of pastry I have ever seen.

One of their pies this past Wednesday was blackberry blueberry ginger pie with a crumb topping. I am pretty picky about pie but this one passed with flying colors. A perfectly tender and buttery crust with a sweet crumb topping. The fruit is luscious, with hearty pieces of berry soaked in their own syrupy juices. The ginger complemented the berries beautifully, cutting the sweetness of the fruit just slightly and producing a much more interesting flavor than just berries alone.

Christine was smitten with the whimsically-shaped French waffle. A buttercream filling and raspberry preserves sandwiched between two wafers of crisp puff pastry, then dipped in chocolate on each end.

Sounded, and looked, pretty awesome, but it did not quite thrill me. I did not like the buttercream filling with the texture of the puff pastry. The wafers were too light and flaky for the dense filling. They might have gone nicely with a lighter filling.

Danish Pastry House has two bakery/cafes, one in Medford and one in Watertown. I have never visited either as their farmers’ market locations are far more convenient. But with the markets set to close in another month or two, I might be making a trip out to one of the cafes so I can continue to get my frangipane tart fix.

Danish Pastry House
330 Boston Ave
Medford, MA
Danish Pastry House on Urbanspoon

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