Henrietta’s Table

I reported last week on the delicious pumpkin whoopie pies made by chef Peter Davis of Henrietta’s Table. Another of my favorite things about Henrietta’s is their weekday breakfast. It’s delicious but it is also inexpensive, with most dishes under $10. I met my boss, John, for breakfast the other day, and I found that Henrietta’s is quite the popular spot for business breakfasts. The restaurant is fairly sizable and it was packed with people in suits discussing matters over buttermilk pancakes, and eggs with red flannel hash.

To start, I ordered a slice of banana walnut bread from a long list of fresh bakery items. It was less cakey and more bready than banana bread typically is, but still very moist and flavorful. It was delicious on its own but that did not stop me from spreading on a little of the whipped butter that the bread came with.

John ordered a simple egg with applewood smoked bacon, hash browns, and toast. A filling plate and an excellent deal at only $5.25.

I ordered an old favorite of mine, the malted waffle with homemade apple butter. I absolutely love apple butter it is actually the primary reason why I order the waffle, although I am sure I could order it on the side with something else. The waffle is moist and chewy. It could have been a touch crispier on the outside. The malt flavor is discernible and a nice change from just an ordinary waffle. That, plus whipped butter, apple butter, and drenched in maple syrup is breakfast heaven. I also ordered the seasonal berries. I would not quite call any of these berries seasonal at the end of October, but a delicious accompaniment to the waffle nonetheless.

The interior of Henrietta’s has the feel of a refined but homey country kitchen lots of warm sage green and cream colored decor. If you find yourself wanting to be extravagant on a weekend, Henrietta’s offers a prix-fixe brunch on Saturdays and a $45 brunch buffet on Sundays. But if you have the opportunity to do breakfast out on a weekday, Henrietta’s is a great value and could not be more enjoyable.

Henrietta’s Table
One Bennett Street
Cambridge, MA
Henrietta's Table on Urbanspoon

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6 Responses to Henrietta’s Table

  1. Michael says:

    I want that waffle now! Looking at it I’m almost ready to poured some maple syrup on my laptop.

  2. I love everything about Henrietta’s Table! Great review.

  3. Justin says:

    Huh… I had no idea Henrietta’s Table was so reasonably priced during the week. Good to know! Thanks!

  4. christine says:

    there’s nary anything in this world that could stop a tiny schmear of butter. that said, the walnut bread and the hash look intriguing. good, solid, respectable breakfast can be such a safari in this town.

  5. Megan says:

    You can always go early on Saturday morning and get breakfast too. That’s what I do. I develop cravings for the fruit and granola parfait there. Love it!

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