Foodbuzz Part 1: Street Food Fair

This post begins a series of recaps of the 2010 Foodbuzz Blogger Festival held this past weekend in San Francisco. I am going to break it out and do one post for each part of the weekend, so that people who did not attend can get a better sense of everything I experienced this weekend.

Around 5 o’clock on Friday evening, I met Meghan and Elina in the swanky lobby of the Sir Francis Drake hotel. After a bit of chatting and meeting the first of many bloggers new to me, we boarded buses to the opening reception and street food fare.

We arrived at the Fort Mason Center where we were met with a brilliant west coast sunset.

Inside the building, there were food trucks lining the perimeter and long tables in the middle, each set with fruit and cheese platters and small plates of Mission Minis cupcakes. Quick sidenote: the abundance of fresh figs throughout the weekend made my list of Top Ten Best Things about the festival.

The centerpiece of the room was an enormous spread of Mission Minis cupcakes spelling out “Foodbuzz.”

Once seated, we introduced ourselves to the table by way of a foodie gift that we each brought. Funnily enough, I ended up presenting my gift of chocolates and hot chocolate mix to a fellow Bostonian, Susie. I, in turn, received possibly the best gift imaginable from Ellen and Tao, an awesome bay area food blogger couple who I was so happy to meet that weekend. They presented me with a pumpkin-themed gift basket that included a can of organic pumpkin, homemade pumpkin chocolate chip cookies from their own recipe, along with a copy of that recipe, and a cute pumpkin decoration. I think I may have squealed with delight. I waited until I returned to Boston to dig into the cookies. I have now devoured half of them. They are delicious. I will get you all the recipe.

Following the introductions, the food bloggers were unleashed on the food trucks. It was a very ethnically-diverse mix of cuisines. I was happy with the wealth of meatless offerings. Tacolicious had an excellent Vallarta bean taco with squash, pepper and nopales. I topped mine with a creamy avocado-tomatillo sauce.

The guys from namu happily made me one of their Korean beef “tacos” without the beef, with chopped tomatoes and scallions on a bed of rice and nori.

I loved the paneer roti from Roli Roti, homemade cheese cubes wrapped inside roti with a spicy green sauce and onions. It was quite large considering all of the other food options I wanted to try. This may have been my favorite savory item of the night, mild, chewy paneer and spicy sauce stuffed inside a warm flatbread.
The spinach, red onion, olive and parmesan pizza from Pizza Politana had a nicely chewy crust but was a tad salty for my taste.
It was a pleasure meeting the lovely ladies of Straus Creamery. They were sampling two flavors of ice cream, caramel toffee crunch and brown sugar banana. My favorite was the caramel toffee. It was sweet and creamy with an intense caramelized sugar flavor and small chunks of toffee.
I’m pretty sure I had one or more cupcakes in between every food truck tasting. They had plates of them EVERYWHERE. It was hard to not pick one up and pop it in your mouth. My favorite was the pumpkin with an orange-colored cream cheese frosting. They were incredibly moist and without the gratuitous addition of pumpkin spices that I detest.
I was so happy with this first event of the festival for multiple reasons. The foodie gift exchange was a perfect way to meet new people right off the bat. And some awesome new swag doesn’t hurt. I also liked that the street food fare allowed us to try authentic San Francisco food. Conferences are always so jam-packed that you rarely have a chance to try local spots on your own. Thankfully, Foodbuzz brought the trucks to us. And right now all I am wishing for is a warm, spicy roti and a table-full of cupcakes.
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6 Responses to Foodbuzz Part 1: Street Food Fair

  1. Michelle says:

    It looks like a fantastic trip so far! Wish I could have made it but happy to experience it through your blog!

  2. Daisy says:

    i am seeing those cupcakes everywhere and seriously craving! your blog was the first i heard of the little gift exchange though. how fun!

  3. Hi Elizabeth, it was so nice to meet you and the festival! So fun to put a face to the blog. I’m still stuffed!

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  5. Katie says:

    What an amazing recap! Loved all the pics and looks like you had a great time!

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