Foodbuzz Festival Part 5: Farewell Brunch and a Walk through the Mission

Sunday morning’s farewell brunch was presented by Nature’s Pride. There were some good parts, but overall it was a little underwhelming.

I was thrilled to have one last round of fresh figs, which were featured on the fruit platter. A pear salad with wild arugula, frisee, toasted almonds, multi-grain croutons, and balsamic vinaigrette, however, was lacking.


My favorite items in the spread were french toast with strawberry basil butter and villa mandori maple syrup, Strauss yogurt parfait, and a mini frittata that went unphotographed. Better than the food that morning, was the company. I found myself at a table with mostly southerners, including,Ash & Lew. It made me realize that I am not around people with southern accents nearly as often as I’d like to be.

Following some goodbyes to all the great people I met, I made my way back to Berkeley, where I was staying with my cousins Justin and Emily. It was gray and wet the entire morning, and I worried that my last day of exploring was going to be rained out. Thankfully, the sky cleared up after noon and it ended up being a beautiful day. I’m so glad I caught this gorgeous view from the Bay Bridge.

Once the sun came out, Justin proposed a blog-worthy San Francisco foodie excursion. I wish I could receive that kind of proposition every day. We headed out to the Mission in search of burritos.

We walked along Mission Street and stopped into Justin’s favorite burrito shop, Taqueria Cancun.

I remember ordering Mission burritos from Benny’s Burritos in NY when I was younger, and having no idea why they were named as such. It was a cool foodie experience to get a real, authentic Mission burrito in SF.

All burritos are made fresh on the grill right behind the counter. This is probably most noticeable in the tortilla, which gets nicely browned on the grill.

Chips with salsa and guacamole come free with every order.

My tasty, mostly eaten Mission burrito.

After our late lunch, we came back around on Valencia Street, which Justin described as the hipster-ified part of the Mission, which is absolutely fine by me.

Mission Street is a bustling thoroughfare, packed with vibrant taquerias, grocery stores, tchotke shops, movie theaters and more. Valencia Street is much quieter, with bookshops, cafes, artisan food stores, music venues, and charming houses.

On our way back to Berkeley, we had a task to find some sort of sweet. Bakesale Betty, where we were hoping to go, sadly is closed on Sundays. Instead, we headed to Bittersweet in Rockridge, which has a hot chocolate that Emily raved about.

On my next trip to the bay area, I want to spend a few hours in Rockridge. I am a sucker for yuppie-foodie neighborhoods, and would love to explore College Ave, which has at least one cafe on every block. I am not exaggerating in the least with that figure.

At Bittersweet, we picked up a hot chocolate for Emily and a Mexican chocolate cake for moi.

After a relaxing evening with Justin, Emily and their kids, it was time to get on a red-eye with Susie and Chelsee. But not before orchestrating a knife exchange at SFO. Super sharp knife in our swag bag plus carry-on luggage equals not making its way back to the east coast. Thankfully, Chelsee and her checked bag came to the rescue.

The Foodbuzz Festival was absolutely lovely. It was a great opportunity to meet fellow bloggers and foodies, discover new products, and meet passionate food producers. I wish it would happen bi-annually (perhaps on the east coast?). That is unlikely, I know, so until next year, if any bloggers find their way to the northeast, drop me a line! I would love to show you around.

Taqueria Cancun
1003 Market Street
San Francisco
Taqueria Cancun on Urbanspoon

5427 College Ave
Oakland, CA
Bittersweet - a Chocolate Cafe on Urbanspoon

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  1. Justin says:

    I want that burrito!!

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