Decorating Cupcakes

Once a week, I teach an after school class in Brookline entitled Crafty Kids. Way back when I was planning out the class over the summer, I knew that I had to include one class of cupcake decorating. I not-so-wisely included that in the class description and since the very first week, the kids have inquired incessantly about when we would be decorating cupcakes.

Last week I finally broke out the edible crafts for them. The kids got very creative with their designs, including using hard candies and even cheerios, and I thought I would share their masterpieces with you.

I also wanted to give a shout out and big thank you to Whole Foods, who generously donated the supplies for this activity.

Don’t be surprised if you see one of these frosting-laden works of art for sale in a bakery in the near future. These kids are quite skilled with a piping bag.

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2 Responses to Decorating Cupcakes

  1. Megan says:

    Aw! They must have had so much fun. Their creations are awesome!

  2. mollyparr says:

    Adorable! They remind me of my niece’s 5th birthday this past August at Carvel. The decorate-your-own mini ice cream cakes are eerily similar in design to those cupcakes. 🙂

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