Bubby’s Pie

A few weeks ago, my dad emailed me:

Mark the calendar: on November 23, Bubby’s in Tribeca will be giving away free pie to celebrate its 20th anniversary. Anyone walking by the restaurant or dining in will be offered a free slice of their famous pie until it runs out.

Conveniently, I already planned to be in NY on that day. I had read about Bubby’s pie several times but had never made it down there. Free pie was just the motivation I needed. So on Tuesday afternoon, we took a trip down to Tribeca.

When we arrived, two of the Bubby’s employees were outside. We asked if they were still giving out pie, and they regretfully informed us that they had run out earlier in the day. We almost had ourselves a very sad moment, but then the gentleman surprised us by going in the restaurant and returning with three slices of this succulent looking apple crumb pie.

The crust was intensely buttery and tender and nicely flakey. The large chunks of apple were soft but kept their shape. I would hesitate to call the topping a crumb topping. It was a buttery mass of crumbled shortbread. A drizzle of burnt sugar sauce added more depth of flavor and a little stickiness.

I am very picky about pie crust and often find myself pushing it aside in favor of the filling. I would have been happy with extra crust of this variety. It was that good. I would love to try their other pie varieties. Turns out, Bubby’s pie does not come cheap. Once every so often, I’d be willing to shell out $7 for a slice of pie, especially if it is this good. Though my eyes definitely widened when I read that an entire pie is $65. I’ll stick with slices for now.



Correction: The full pie actually only costs $30. The $65 price is if you have the pie shipped. The likelihood that I will purchase a pie from Bubby’s has now drastically increased.

120 Hudson Street
New York, NY
Bubby's on Urbanspoon

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3 Responses to Bubby’s Pie

  1. Daisy says:

    $65 for a pie? ha. I’d stick with free slices too. it sounds amazing!

  2. Alicia says:

    wow – a hefty pricetag. But I agree, good crust is hard to find. I’ll wait until they have a cookbook!

  3. Ron Silver says:

    The pie is $30.00. 65 is for a pie to be shipped

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