Petsi Pies: The Golden Ticket and More

Yesterday, post GRE, Dave and I got lunch at one of my favorite spots for lunch, pastries, occassionally dinner, etc.: Petsi Pies. (Excuse the blurry iPhone photos, I didn’t take my camera with me to the exam). Petsi Pies is undeniably my happy place, as far as food establishments go. I was even more excited to get lunch at Petsi when I saw their specials on Twitter, one of which was The Golden Ticket sandwich with roasted butternut squash, brie, homemade cranberry almond chutney, baby spinach, and swiss, pressed on focaccia. I had seen them tweet this special for a couple of years now and I had never managed to be there on a day when they had it, so I was mighty excited to try it.

I made one substitution in mine, I asked for goat cheese instead of brie, which they happily switched for one dollar extra. You see, I do not like brie. This is unusual, I have not met many other people who do not like brie. But I do not. On top of that though, I absolutely love the combination of butternut squash and goat cheese, so I was happy to have that combo on my sandwich. It was excellent all around, with thick slices of tender butternut squash, the creaminess of the goat cheese and a little tang from the swiss, with the sweet and slightly tart apple cranberry chutney. The bread was sliced fairly thin with a chewy crust and a crispy toasted exterior. It went perfectly with the moist fillings.

Dave ordered a bowl of the beef chili with the hummus roller. I tasted the chili sans beef. It was hearty, smoky and just a touch spicy. The roller comes on a wrap with hummus, sliced cucumber, peppers and tomatoes with mixed greens and feta. I have gotten the hummus roller or platter several times before, but I was not a huge fan of the one we got yesterday. All of the ingredients were fine except for the hummus which just tasted off and not as fresh as it has in the past.

For dessert, we got an old favorite (all though by now I consider most everything at Petsi Pies an old favorite), the blackberry cream cheese crumb bar. It is a simple crumb cake but in the middle is a layer of blackberry and cream cheese. It also comes with a very thick and chunky layer of crumb topping. I love the mix of textures of the light airy cake, the crunchy buttery topping, and the moist and tangy cream cheese blackberry layer. This bar is definitely one of my top five favorite pastries at Petsi Pies.

Petsi Pies
31 Putnam Avenue
Cambridge, MA
Petsi Pies on Urbanspoon

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7 Responses to Petsi Pies: The Golden Ticket and More

  1. funandfearlessinbeantown says:

    I’ve never had Petsi Pies before. Hope the exam went well!

  2. Emily says:

    Love love Petsi’s – that butternut sandwich looks fantastic! The folks there are the most adorable family. Thanks for letting me know they are on twitter!

  3. David says:

    They are our neighbors and we like to think of them as a WFM sister as the owner is a WFM alum!

  4. Looks and sounds really good! I love all the ingredients and when you put them together in sandwich form? Ahhhmazing! And huh. You don’t like brie. Who knew? That’s okay. I don’t like blue cheese.

  5. Megan says:

    I’m kind of surprised they paired the butternut squash with brie because goat cheese is more usual. I love brie though, so I would have been happy with either. (My fiance would be on your side about the brie.) Looks like an amazing sandwich. I don’t think I realized they had savory food there.

  6. I have always wanted to go to Petsi Pie’s and still haven’t gone! Looks delicious!


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