Pop Candy

When I was younger, my knowledge of toffee extended to Heath bars, which, unsurprisingly, did not taste very good to me. In the past year, I have tried several high-quality toffees and candies and I have actually developed quite a fondness for it. The versions I have tried usually contain nuts or chocolate. I had never tried it with fresh herbs or granola until I tried Pop Candy’s butter crunch at the Foodbuzz festival in November. I was absolutely smitten with their unique flavors like rosemary almond, thyme walnut and cherries, and chai tea granola pecan crunch.

I loved the contrast of the savory, fragrant herbs with the blunt sweetness of the butter crunch. I also liked the crispy texture of the varieties made with granola. It was by far one of my favorite products that I sampled while at the festival.

After writing about the butter crunch in my recap of the festival, I received an email from Rachel and Bill, the owners of Pop Candy. They offered to send me a sample of their newest flavor of butter crunch, to my delight another granola based flavor: the cinn & coff granola almond bar. They made this flavor after they received such a positive response to their chai tea granola pecan bar.


Pop Candy uses Cinnamon Coffee Bean granola from Amy’s Nuts and adds it to their almond butter crunch along with a shot of Groundworks Coffee, freshly ground cinnamon, and dried apples. This variety was much thicker than those I had tried at the festival. I like that it consists primarily of granola, rather than a slab of candy with a few pieces of granola thrown in.

Pop candy nails the texture and consistency of the butter crunch. As soon as it hits your tongue, you notice its smoothness. It is not tough or chewy, but rather crisp and it breaks cleanly when you bite into it. The cinn & coffee was definitely a fun and satisfying flavor, but I think my next purchase from Pop Candy will be one of their herbed flavors. There is just something about the savory herbs that complement the sweet butter crunch so perfectly.

To see more of Pop Candy’s products and to order butter crunch, check out their website. And if you happen to live on the west coast, see the list of stores that sell Pop Candy.

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3 Responses to Pop Candy

  1. Daisy says:

    You always manage to find the best most tasty products. The herbs combined with nuts is a brilliant idea!

  2. Why have I never heard of Pop Candy??? They sound ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC – I want one now!! Butter crunch, yum…

  3. Megan says:

    Oh yum! Cinnamon-coffee would be right up my alley!

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