Peels – Revisited

There are some desserts worth saving extra room for. Though I do tend to leave more room for dessert in general than most people. I had been wanting to get back to Peels ever since I first went back in October.

Last Thursday, I left a considerable amount of room after lunch and headed to Peels with Dave for some dessert. Dave wanted something warm to drink and opted for the hot cocoa with a homemade vanilla bean marshmallow over coffee because the homemade marshmallow alone trumps coffee. The cocoa was thick, rich and not too sweet. The marshmallow was intensely flavored and melted into a smooth vanilla foam on top.

I do want to try some new things at Peels, but on this particular day, I was happy to get what I knew I liked. It was Dave’s first time trying Peels and I knew he would enjoy either the pecan sticky bun or the monkey bread. He went with the sticky bun. When we were ordering, I eyed a corner piece in particular that was drenched in the sticky sauce and piled high with pecans. The sauce hardens in some places and becomes almost a candy coating. The crust and candied outside are sticky and toothsome, the inside nicely airy and tender. In hindsight, I probably could have done without the corner piece with its extra topping. About two thirds of the way through, we were both nearing our sugar limit.

Along with the sticky bun, we ordered a Peel-io, Peels’ homemade Oreo. I won’t lie, right before we ordered, I opened up my first blog post about Peels on my phone because I couldn’t quite remember what I thought about the Peel-io. Turns out I really liked it, so I got it again. I was somewhat surprised to see the difference in appearance between the Peel-io three months ago and now. Certainly neater-looking, but neatness does not really matter to me. The cookie this time was actually a bit crisper and dryer, not as soft and chewy, but still quite tender. What struck me this time though were the more pronounced flavors. The cookie tasted strongly of cocoa and the cream was nicely sweet and creamy with a bold vanilla flavor.

I ended up liking this Peel-io more than the first one I tried, and this sticky bun a little less than the one I had in October. The topping on the sticky bun I had in October was thicker and softer, whereas this topping was thin and was quite chewy. I am very curious as to whether the recipes changed or if this is just how the baked goods vary sometimes from day to day.

My first review of Peels, October 2010

325 Bowery (Corner of 2nd St.)
New York City, NY 10003

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4 Responses to Peels – Revisited

  1. Emily says:

    Sometimes I wish I live in NYC just for the food… I heard a rumor that a Magnolia Bakery could be opening in Boston, though. That would be a step in the right direction 🙂

  2. linda says:

    I want the hot chocolate! It looks amazing and I think Peels will be a stop for me (and Carole) very soon.

    • Liz says:

      I agree, the hot chocolate looks amazing! I think the secret to good one is always more rich/dark chocolate, less sweetness (and that marshmallow looks like the perfect addition!). Next time I’m in NY…

  3. Megan says:

    I try to save lots of room for dessert too! That marshmallow is surprisingly intriguing me more than everything else!

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