BFB Launch Party and SoCo Creamery

A huge thank you and congratulations to Rachel (Boston Food Bloggers) and Christine for putting on a wonderful launch party last night. These photos sum up what I ate for dinner last night, except multiply each of them by about four and add in some unphotographed poutine. The Gallows was the perfect space for the event, cozily accommodating 150 food bloggers. In addition to burgers and crostini, the restaurant served poutine (french fries with cheese curds and gravy) which I was very excited about since I did not get to try it when I visited Montreal last summer. The fries were delicious, served piping hot in paper cups and dotted generously with cheese curds. There was also what seemed to be an endless supply of bacon caramel popcorn, which was dangerously addictive.

It was not long until I made my way to the back of the room where Danny and Derek of SoCo Creamery were dishing out four flavors of their micro-creamery ice cream made in the Berkshires: espresso cookie, vanilla, dirty chocolate, and ginger. Clearly I sampled all four, though sample is probably not the most apt word.  My favorites were the ginger and the dirty chocolate. The thing that really struck me about SoCo’s ice cream was how full-bodied the flavors were. It didn’t taste like sweetened and mildly-flavored cream. You put a spoonful of the dirty chocolate on your tongue and there was no doubt that it was full-on chocolate. The ginger was strong with healthy dose of fresh ginger complemented by the sweet richness of the ice cream base. All the flavors were extremely smooth and creamy. Always one to experiment with combining foods, I tossed a few pieces of the caramel popcorn in my vanilla ice cream. Delicious, if not dangerously rich. But it looks like I won’t have to repeat that experiment, as SoCo is working on its own Cracker Jack ice cream flavor that I cannot wait to try.

In between spoonfuls of ice cream, I did get to catch up with some old friends and make new ones. I recognized Sarah of Semi-Sweet immediately from her Twitter avatar and was thrilled to meet Penny and Ed of BostonZest who I have read for years on Serious Eats. It was an absolutely delightful evening and I cannot wait to continue meeting new bloggers at future BFB events.

The Gallows on UrbanspoonSOCO Creamery on Urbanspoon

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17 Responses to BFB Launch Party and SoCo Creamery

  1. Michelle says:

    Last night was a lot of fun! Hopefully we can chat longer next time!

  2. Megan says:

    Great to see you last night! That poutine was tasty. I want to go back and have dinner at The Gallows now!

  3. Aww bummer I missed the launch party! Never been to the Gallows either but I definitely want to try poutine!

  4. mollyparr says:

    Great recap! The ginger ice cream really was lovely; a great combination of sweet and savory. It was wonderful seeing you again, and I do hope we touch base at more blogger events.

  5. Daisy says:

    so lovely to catch up with you. that ginger ice cream was amazing. i hate myself for not sampling all the flavors.

  6. fooddreamer says:

    The ice cream from SoCo was awesome. The whole event was fun, but so crowded I didn’t meat some of the people I would like to. Next time!

  7. josieboston says:

    ok so i already twitter replied this but OMG, i have a crazy thing for bacon incorporated desserts so that caramel popcorn looks like my biggest new craving/must have. also i forgot to share this with you but when i was in Vegas a couple weeks ago we threw an event that utilized Wolfgang Puck’s legit $40,000 ice cream maker and i made sure to have each of the 6 flavors of homemade gelato (cant remember each flavor, but the pomegranate was my fave), which i so would have shared with you while discussing how to sneak some more scoops into our bags without melting! 🙂

    • Elizabeth says:

      Haha. I heard about wolfgang’s ice cream maker. Sooo jealous but so proud of you for trying all of them. Someday they will develop technology that will allow us to stash ice cream in our bags. 🙂

  8. i was seeing if you would leak the secret that bacon managed to get through your lips. oh, and that popcorn + ice cream move? you diabolical thing, you. so glad you had such a great time last night!

    • Elizabeth says:

      I was waiting for someone to call me out on it!! Haha, you win the prize. Dave told me it doesn’t count though, which I’m fine with, just as long as I get some ice cream and caramel popcorn action yummm. You’re the bombest.

  9. It was great to see you, as always! I wasn’t in the mood for sweets, so I didn’t try the ice cream. It did look delicious though!

  10. Was so good to see you, as always! Even if it was for a short time! On one of the nicer Saturdays (i.e. nothing like today’s weather!) I’m totally going to make the trek to Sommerville!

  11. I’m so going to schedule my future vacations around blogging events! This one looked too fun to pass up. I’m glad we had met before!!

  12. Hey Elizabeth! Late to this party but it was GREAT to meet you at the launch!

  13. Shannon says:

    yes, addictive. i should not have stood next to it for so long 😉 fun time!

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