I read about Cutty’s, a sandwich shop in Brookline Village, early last year on Twitter and added it on my ever-growing to-go-to list. Serious Eats posted a review last May that included just about every sandwich on the Cutty’s menu and then just a few weeks ago, they profiled one sandwich in particular, the greens shallot. When I read it described as “full-blown I’d-rather-eat-this-than-meat status,” I resolved to finally try it out.

I went for lunch last Friday with my cousin Liz. I was undecided between the Greens Shallot and the Eggplant Spuckie, which features Cutty’s own hand-pulled mozzarella. The lovely woman behind the counter made the decision easy, telling me they were out of the Greens Shallot. Eggplant Spuckie it was then, which comes with the hand-pulled mozzarella and olive-carrot salad on ciabatta. Paper-thin roast eggplant and fresh mozzarella always produce a wonderful flavor combination, and the carrot-olive salad added tanginess and crunch. The mozzarella tasted extremely fresh. My one gripe was the bread to filling ratio. There was far too little filling for the amount of ciabatta.


Liz ordered the Roast Beef 1000 with slow-roasted beef, crispy shallots, 1000 island dressing and cheddar on brioche. The Cutty’s roast beef sandwich has received rave reviews, some people claiming that it is the best roast beef in Boston. It certainly met Liz’s approval. All I know is, those same crispy shallots adorn the greens shallot sandwich and I am determined to try that soon.


For dessert, I was excited to try the loaded rice krispie treat, made with pretzel, toasted coconut, chocolate, and peanuts. Sadly, they were out. So we settled on two cookies: chocolate chip and brown sugar. The chocolate chip was nothing to write home about, but the brown sugar cookie was divine. Sweet, buttery with a prominent molasses flavor. It was crisp around the very edge with a thick chewy middle. If we hadn’t purchased the last of these cookies, I would have gotten a half-dozen more to take home.

I am determined to return to Cutty’s soon seeing as I did not try either the sandwich or the dessert that I initially intended to. Though regardless of the sandwiches, Cutty’s has ensured that I return soon if only for another few brown sugar cookies.

284 Washington Street
Brookline, MA
Cutty's on Urbanspoon

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11 Responses to Cutty’s

  1. Megan says:

    Both sandwiches look really good. If the bread is fresh enough and good enough, I tend to not care if there’s not much filling. I’m keeping this place in mind if I’m ever over in that area.

  2. Oh the crispy shallots are sooo good! Did you try the limeade? It is totally worth going back for!

    • Elizabeth says:

      I did not, will have to try it next time! But speaking of limey drinks, when you go to dorado this weekend, you must try the cucumber lime agua fresca. Tried it yesterday for the first time. It’s delicious.

  3. Meesh says:

    wow carrot olive salad sounds great! that is enough to make me go right there. looks like cool spot.

  4. Shannon says:

    i’ll definitely have to remember this one 🙂 mmm, crispy shallots….

  5. Those sandwiches look tasty! I will have to grab a sandwich after I go to Yoga in Brookline Village!

  6. We totally need to go to Cutty’s! I love it there, let me know next time you’re in the mood, I’m totally in!

  7. Daisy says:

    why do all these fantastic places open up in Brookline after I move?! (As I’m about to read your review of Regal Beagal next….) but there’s a host of them….The Meat House, The Abby….sigh. I must venture back and go here!

  8. sounds like you need to do a return trip — and be there at the very start of service before everything you wish to have runs out again! i have an outstanding date with the roast beef sandwich.

  9. Alicia says:

    I’m starting to get annoyed with Rafe – He lived in brookline for years and now that I’m NOT living in Boston I’m discovering all of these great places!!

    Brown sugar cookie sounds amazing- I trust your cookie opinion above all others!

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