An Evening of Chocolate and Wine

Monday night I had the privilege of attending “An Evening of Chocolate and Wine,” one of the classes offered by the Boston Chocolate School. The class took place at the College Club in Back Bay.

The interior of the College Club is quite extravagant. Once inside, I felt as though I’d stepped into the parlor of a 17th century aristocrat. At 6:30pm, we moved into the adjacent room and took our seats at a long red table lined with candles and dozens of wine glasses. Each place setting had a selection of six different wines and a specific chocolate paired with each. Pastry chef Tim Brown of Johnson & Wales guided us through how to properly taste the chocolates and wine expert Harry Silverstein explained the series of wines. We started off on the lighter end of the spectrum with a square of Lindt white chocolate and progressed to milk and then various degrees of dark chocolate.

The first wine, paired with the white chocolate, was a Moscato and was my favorite of the evening. It was the lightest and sweetest of the group, but not a syrupy cloying sweet. Rather it was smooth and had a light and pleasant fizz. The evening was highly informative. I had never heard of the second wine we tasted, Brachetto d’Acqui from the Acqui region of Tuscany. This wine, paired with the milk chocolate, was a bright translucent pink, less sweet than the Moscato but still far from dry.

The chocolate tasting in and of itself was an interesting and fun experience. I had eaten all of those kinds of chocolate countless times in the past, but I had never eaten them all together in a sequence beginning with white chocolate, which has zero cocoa mass, and moving gradually up the spectrum of darkness ending at 72% cocoa content.The chocolates and wine were delicious, of course, but the class really succeeded in my mind because of the two instructors. The class lasted 90 minutes and at no point in the evening did I become bored or antsy. Tim and Harry are both extremely knowledgeable and imparted a wealth of information but in a fun and interesting manner. Both were good speakers and very witty. They played well off of one another. They kept us all engaged and entertained and I came away with newfound knowledge about both wine and chocolate.

In addition to various Lindt chocolates, we were sent home with a parting gift of a box of Vianne chocolates, which I will review in an upcoming post. To make a reservation for the Chocolate and Wine class, or any of the other Boston Chocolate Tours offerings including chocolate tours of different neighborhoods and truffle making classes, check out their website. Many thanks to David Goldstein of Boston Chocolate Tours and to Adam Klein for offering me this fantastic opportunity.

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10 Responses to An Evening of Chocolate and Wine

  1. Melissa says:

    Looks fun! I’m going to that class in a couple weeks!

  2. Well this sounds like the perfect evening to me! Two of my absolute favorite things. Looking forward to hearing your Vivianne review!

  3. Those looks like an AMAZING way to spend an evening!

  4. wow this sounds fantastic! What a great event! You really cant go wrong with Chocolate and Wine…mmmmm

  5. I am heading over to their website now to see what other classes they have! this sounds so great, thanks for sharing!

  6. Ohhhhhh myyyy that looks fantastically and dangerously delicious! I love the pairing of wine and chocolate!

  7. Michelle says:

    This sounds like the perfect combination of chocolate and wine!

  8. Megan says:

    I missed this but hope to get to a future event there. Who can go wrong with chocolate and wine?!

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