Cutty’s: The Greens Shallot

Last week I finally got to try the storied Greens Shallot sandwich at Cutty’s. After reading Kenji’s glowing review of it on Serious Eats, stating that it was the vegetarian sandwich that would truly satisfy a hungry carnivore, I made it my mission to seek it out. I wanted to try it on my first visit to Cutty’s, but they were out of it, which speaks to the sandwich’s popularity. The Greens Shallot consists of sautéed swiss chard with crispy shallots and saffron yogurt on ciabatta.

Kenji was spot on when he described the chard as taking on an almost meat-like quality. The greens are soft and velvety but simultaneously hearty and toothsome. They are also intensely garlicky. The rich saffron yogurt sauce melds with the greens and soaks into the ciabatta. The bread, which comes from Iggy’s is the perfect textural contrast, with an extremely thin and crispy outer crust and chewy innards. When you bite into it, the chewy bread gives way to a hearty, moist, and juicy mass of greens and sauce. Whether or you’re not you’re looking for it to rival a sandwich with meat, the Greens Shallot is worth trying. I’m not claiming it will satisfy a meat craving. I’m just claiming that it is downright good.

284 Washington Street
Brookline, MA
Cutty's on Urbanspoon

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9 Responses to Cutty’s: The Greens Shallot

  1. Mmmm I make a lot of greens but never thought of them on a sandwich! Added to my post-California menu. This looks yummy!

  2. I really must try Cutty’s. It’s long overdue. So fun to see you last night!

  3. mollyparr says:

    That looks and sounds so delicious that I am sitting at my desk at work trying to decide if I have enough time to head over to Cutty’s for lunch. 🙂

  4. Anthony says:

    That looks attractive. For the veggie, is that spinach? Anyway, you can make your own vegetable sandwich at home, just check:
    Hope you like it.

  5. Megan says:

    If only I liked swiss chard!

  6. Michelle says:

    Wow, this looks AWESOME! I’m dying to check Cutty’s out!

  7. Daisy says:

    so glad you made it back to get this sandwich! I still want to try Cutty’s 🙂

  8. Alicia says:

    Holy saffron yogurt sauce? and greens.
    I am one carnivore who certainly wouldn’t turn her nose up at this veggie-sandwich.
    Not gonna lie though – saffron yogurt sauce may be making it into another dish in my home….sounds outrageous – why didn’t I think of it?

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