Meet the Bakers: Cupcakory

Allow me to introduce you to another one of the professional bakers coming to CupcakeCamp: Cupcakory. Cupcakory is currently Boston’s only cupcake truck and on any given day you can find owner Diane doling out cupcakes to eager customers from the window of her truck.

I first tried Cupcakory last summer at SoWa and was blown away by a certain chocolate and salted caramel cupcake. As a little preview of what she plans to bring to CupcakeCamp, Diane provided me with four flavors, one of which was the famed chocolate with salted caramel buttercream.

The choclate cake is light and fluffy, not at all dense. The frosting, conversely, is insanely rich–buttery, salty and sweet. The combination of the rich caramel frosting and the mild and fluffy chocolate cake is perfect.

The nutella cupcake has the same moist and springy chocolate cake, topped with a nutella buttercream frosting. The nutella flavor is very mild, so don’t order it expecting a dollop of pure nutella. It is a smooth buttercream with just a hint of chocolate and hazelnut flavor.

A new one to me was the vanilla-vanilla. Diane did not initially offer this flavor, but after customers made numerous requests for it, she decided to try her hand at it. She said she experimented for a while until she found the perfect recipe and I can personally attest to its quality. Vanilla cupcakes are hard to execute because there are no other strong flavors to mask any flaws or inconsistencies in the cake. This was a perfect pure butter cake with an airy but substantial crumb. The top firm and lightly chewy with perfectly caramelized edges.

The fourth cupcake was a lemon cake with lemon frosting. If you are looking for a sugary and tangy lemon bar in cupcake form, this is not for you. The frosting was subtly sweet and flavored with grated lemon zest, which you can see in the photo if you look closely. I almost want to call this a lemon-infused cupcake.

Diane prides her business on using almost all New England products, and organic where she can. The flour is unbleached, the eggs (organic), buttermilk, and butter are all New England based, with the milk and cream coming from Massachusetts. Any fruit is either local or organic, sometimes both. She uses quality ingredients and it definitely shows in the end product. Be sure to follow Cupcakory on Twitter for updates on where the truck is parked.


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11 Responses to Meet the Bakers: Cupcakory

  1. I would love to try these…there should be cupcake shops in Budapest:(

  2. linda says:

    I’m going straight to the Cupcakory table at CupcakeCamp!

  3. mollyparr says:

    I remember your SoWa post from this summer, and I’ve been hoping to catch up with the Cupcakory since. I don’t think I can make it to this year’s Cupcake Camp 😦 but I will continue to be on the lookout for that magical van of sweets.

  4. Melissa says:

    That frosting looks amazing! Can’t wait for CupcakeCamp!

  5. Michelle says:

    I just found out that I have a client meeting the night of Cupcake Camp. I’m hoping to swing by afterwards!

  6. I saw Boston Tweet tweet about this the other day and was very curious! How cool that they’ll be at your event… hope I can make it!

  7. Megan says:

    YUM. These look amazing! I really want that nutella cupcake!!!

  8. Wow-these look fantastic! I had heard about this truck-but I have yet to try them! thanks for such a detailed review

  9. The Cupcakory is now parked Saturdays from 12 to 6 pm in the driveway of the Loring-Greenough House , 12 South Street in Jamaica Plain Center. Bus #39 stops in front of the House, or walk 10 minutes from Green Street Station on the Orange Line. One more great reason to visit JP!

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