Steve’s Ice Cream and Taza Chocolate

Last week, Taza Chocolate hosted a Welcome Back to Somerville party for Steve’s Ice Cream, a company that started out in Somerville in 1984. The more I learn about the Boston ice cream scene, the more convoluted it gets. The original Steve’s ice cream shop opened in Davis Square in the 70s. The Steve behind Steve’s Ice Cream happens to be Steve Herrell, also of Herrell’s Ice Cream, which he opened in Northampton in 1980 after selling the original Steve’s in Somerville. Many of you were probably familiar with the Herrell’s location in Harvard Square, which closed in 2009. Steve’s Ice Cream has been revived with the help of former scooper, Dave Stein. They are opening two storefronts, one in Brooklyn and one in Manhattan, later this spring, and pints will be available in Boston area stores in the very near future.

Steve’s Ice Cream is committed to using high quality ingredients in its ice creams, which includes Taza chocolate. Taza, being the neighborly Somerville business they are, hosted this celebration and we had the opportunity to sample some ice cream flavors that feature Taza as well as some ice cream-based libations. Resident Steve’s bartender Noah was mixing up beer floats with Steve’s chocolate scotch ice cream, made with a coconut creme base and Taza chocolate,

and dark russians, made with Steve’s bourbon vanilla ice cream, Taza chocolate infused vodka and kahlua.

The star of the show was the salty caramel ice cream sundae, topped with Steve’s own fudge sauce made with, what else, Taza chocolate. Another favorite of mine was the Mexican Chili Chocolate, which is made with Taza’s Guajillo chili chocolate. When it first hits your tongue, you taste the wonderful flavor of chocolate with cinnamon, cold and sweet, with chunks of chocolate. After you chew and swallow, you get the kick from the chili, which is by no means subtle. I am not a huge fan of spicy, especially in desserts, but the initial flavor of the ice cream is that good that I kept going back for more.

And to keep the ice cream party going at home, the lovely folks at Steve’s sent us home with a jar of their fudge sauce.

Even before I had these few tastes, I was excited about Steve’s Ice Cream. Their website lists unusual and decadent flavors like chocolate almond butter, strawberry ricotta, and blackberry honey. I am very excited to visit the storefront when they open in New York, but I am hoping that there are plans in store to reopen that original storefront in Davis. A salty caramel sundae whenever I please? Don’t mind if I do.

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11 Responses to Steve’s Ice Cream and Taza Chocolate

  1. Daisy says:

    those flavors sound out of control. all these drinks look so good. sad to miss it!

  2. Ron Newman says:

    They can’t return to the original Steve’s location on Elm Street in Davis Square, because the building has been torn down. It was replaced by a new Carberry’s bakery. After Carberry’s closed, several other short-lived restaurants followed it, and the building now contains the quite successful Pizzeria Posto.

  3. Megan says:

    The party was absolutely lovely, and the flavors are all so interesting. I hope there are pints of that strawberry ricotta available soon!

  4. mollyparr says:

    I did not make it to the party, but Rich did. Our jar of hot fudge is eagerly awaiting its awesome sundae destiny.

  5. Ryder says:

    Yummm. Where in Manhattan is the location going to be?

  6. Michelle says:

    I love this local ice history lesson. It sounds like this was a fantastic time!

  7. I especially love the idea of boozy icecreamy drinks!

  8. Bridget says:

    I wrote this on Megan’s post too, but I am SO excited Steve’s is back!! My dad (who was a self proclaimed ice-cream conessouir) raved about Steves and his hot fudge and nothing ever compared to it. I can’t wait to visit the new shop!!

  9. Judy Herrell says:

    Hi Folks,
    Just to be clear, Steve Herrell is not involved in any way with the new Steve’s Ice Cream Venture. Also, when David Stein worked for Steve’s Ice Cream, Steve Herrell had already sold Steve’s Ice Cream and Herrell’s Ice Cream was already opened in Northampton MA, so David did not learn how to make ice cream using Steve Herrell’s techniques or recipes. Herrell’s Ice Cream with founder and FlavorMaster Steve Herrell also plans a return soon to the Boston Area!
    Judy Herrell

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