American Provisions

Two weekends ago, I went to Lilac Sunday at Arnold Arboretum in JP. Arnold Arboretum is one of my favorite places in Boston, and it is even more stunning than it usually is when the lilacs are in bloom. Lilac Sunday happens every year in May, and the park fills with performance groups, food trucks, and fragrant lilacs in shades of purple, blue, and white. We decided to pack a picnic for lunch and stopped by American Provisions before heading to the arboretum. American Provisions is a gourmet food shop that opened late last year in Southie. Even though there are plenty of similar shops closer to me (Formaggio, Dave’s Fresh Pasta), I always look forward to exploring a new one.

The store is no more than half the size of Formaggio and Dave’s Fresh Pasta, but it packs an impressive amount into a small space: pastries, bread, pasta, jams, oils and vinegars, produce, cured meats and more. To the left when you enter is the sizable cheese counter. We spoke with Matt Thayer, one of the co-owners, and asked him for cheese recommendations. He gave us tastes of several that he suggested. We eventually decided on Drunken Goat and Tarentaise a wonderfully nutty cow’s milk cheese made in Vermont that I have enjoyed on multiple occasions.

Cheese and honey is one of my absolute favorite combinations, so we chose a jar of Cystal’s Own Nantucket cranberry honey to pair with the cheese. It was a thick, spreadable honey that was very sweet. The selection of crackers was more exciting than the bread, and I was particularly intrigued by Raincoast Crisps cranberry and hazelnut crackers. The crackers were delightfully crisp with tiny pockets of toasted hazelnut and chewy cranberry.

Our picnic provisions were delicious, though sadly it was quite chilly and overcast that Sunday, as has been the theme of late in Boston. We enjoyed the lilacs nonetheless, and were also delighted to find the Cupcakory truck which made for the perfect post-picnic dessert. I highly recommend visiting the arboretum whenever you can, but if you go soon, you might still be able to catch the lilacs in bloom.

American Provisions
613 East Broadway
South Boston, MA
American Provisions on Urbanspoon

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9 Responses to American Provisions

  1. Michelle says:

    I have a gift certificate to American Provisions that I haven’t used yet. This place looks charming!

  2. I have a gift cert here, and it is so close to my house. Yet I still haven’t made it over!

  3. Molly says:

    Great review, very helpful. I, too have a gift certificate for American Provisions but Rich and I have yet to take a field trip there. Good to know about the great cheeses and honeys.

  4. Daisy says:

    I have been waiting for a review of this place so I can go use the gift certificate!! 😉

    I was at the Arboretum last Sunday. It was my first time there and I was in awe. we even saw a deer! My post about it will be up tomorrow.

  5. What a great shop. Definitely reminds me a lot of Formaggio. But I say the more the merrier!

  6. I went to American Provisions a month or so ago and fell in love! I wish I didn’t live so far away!

  7. Megan says:

    I have a gift certificate there too that I haven’t used yet. What a cute little shop. I must get over there soon, especially to try that nutty cheese. Nutty cheeses are my favorite!

  8. I’m so glad you made it to AP!!! Seeing that it’s two blocks from my house, I’m a huge fan. We actually went in tonight (and were there probably three times last week… yeah, it’s dangerous).

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