Bread & Chocolate Bakery

When I was in college, I became quite familiar with certain sections of Newton, in particular Newtonville, which offered a wealth of stores and cafes. One such bakery and cafe was Bread & Chocolate. Bread & Chocolate is tucked away on a quiet side street just two blocks from the busier Washington Street which runs above the Mass Pike. It offers everything one could want from this sort of establishment: breakfast pastries, coffee and tea, savory lunch fare, a wealth of dessert options, as well as seating.

I had not been to Bread & Chocolate since college and I was curious to see it again. I stopped in a few weeks ago for breakfast. The bakery has garnered a bit of fame in recent months due to the fact that owner Eunice Feller was challenged to a Throwdown with Bobby Flay for her Boston Cream Pie. I’ll have to go back again one afternoon as I have yet to try the Boston Cream Pie.

The croissants looked perfectly flakey and golden brown, but I was intrigued by the more unusual Kugelhopf Morning Bun, a buttery spiral-shaped roll with a hint of lemon and a dusting of cinnamon sugar. It is a touch yeasty like a cinnamon or pecan sticky bun, and is best eaten by unraveling the flakey spiral. It is far more buttery than a cinnamon bun though, and even a tad cakey. Hint of lemon is a spot-on description. If you didn’t know, you might not even detect the lemon. It is nowhere near enough to make this a lemon pastry, just a touch to brighten the flavor of the rich, buttery dough. A final dusting of cinnamon sugar adds a satisfying little crunch and makes this breakfast treat truly decadent.

Bread & Chocolate
108 Madison Ave.
Newton, MA

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9 Responses to Bread & Chocolate Bakery

  1. Michelle says:

    Yum! You always have some of the best pastries that make my stomach growl in the morning!

  2. Can’t go wrong with bread and chocolate!

  3. Derel says:

    And the Newton Highlands store soon to be carrying SoCo ice cream!

  4. OK, so now I want pastries! I forgot to mention last night that I stopped by Area 4 per your recommendation — and it was closed. On a Saturday morning! Such a bummer. But I’ll be back to get my pastry fix 🙂

  5. Daisy says:

    that is such a unique pasty! Adam used to live in Newtonville – I never even knew about this place. probably because we spent most of our time in Martys or Whole Foods. (Or Cabots!!)

  6. Megan says:

    That morning bun does look good… but I would get a chocolate croissant!

  7. Megan says:

    Clearly I need to explore more of the baked goods in my hometown. This bakery looks amazing!

  8. Shannon says:

    love the name of that place 🙂 and now i’m craving pastry!!

  9. Bridget says:

    Mmmmm that sounds fabulous. I love using lemon to brighten up flavors. Another bakery that’s been on my list for a while but never have visited! Thanks for the reminder!

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