Eclair Ice Cream Sandwich at ChikaLicious

My ice cream sandwich quest continued this week and brought me to ChikaLicious, a dessert shop in the East Village whose cupcakes I have sampled on multiple occasions. The hot weather was the perfect excuse to try one of their more unique creations, an eclair ice cream sandwich. I’m quite positive I have never seen this anywhere else. The sandwich starts out with ChikaLicious’s signature cookie eclair, which has a crunchier outside than a traditional eclair choux. The eclair is sliced lengthwise and filled with housemade vanilla bean softserve. The sandwich is drizzled, or rather covered, in a smooth fudge sauce.

The first thing that struck me, unsurprisingly, was the amount of ice cream. While maybe a little much for the amount of choux, I clearly was not going to object. This is GOOD soft serve. Thick and creamy with the flavor of real vanilla bean. The fudge added a warm and sweet richness and melted the softserve ever so slightly. It’s difficult to pick up the whole sandwich and bite it so we ate it with spoons instead. While the eclair sandwich is creative and certainly delicious, it’s not quite what I would choose to satisfy an ice cream sandwich craving. It would however satisfy a softserve craving, and I highly recommend it for such purposes.

Chikalicious Dessert Club
204 E 10th st
New York, NY
Chikalicious Dessert Club on Urbanspoon

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13 Responses to Eclair Ice Cream Sandwich at ChikaLicious

  1. Michelle says:

    Um, I just drooled looking at your photos.

  2. This place looks fantastic!!!

  3. I am so hungry right now and could totally eat that eclair. Amazing!

  4. mollyparr says:

    Have you seen the Frozen Hoagies (read: ice cream sandwich food truck) around Boston? I’ve seen them on the BU campus the past few weeks. It looks like they just opened for business in July.

  5. Daisy says:

    whoa. i want this!

  6. Molly Galler says:

    On my first trip to NYC post-college, I visited a friend who had moved to the city and this was the ONE PLACE she had discovered and insisted we must enjoy together! I did not experience this eclair, but after seeing it, I will absolutely go back!

  7. Joanne says:

    I’ve heard SUCH good things about chikalicious and I’ve been dying to go! Ah! One of these days,

  8. Megan says:

    Ok, that looks awesome! It would be too much pastry cream… but that’s not too much softserve!

  9. Bridget says:

    This looks SOOO good!! I LOVE eclairs and I LOOOVE soft serve!! Man I might need to go to NYC just for this!

  10. OH.MY.GOD. This looks insane!

  11. Jacki Mo says:

    that thing has food porn written all over it!

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