Spice Restaurant

On Tuesday, I met my friend Hannah for lunch at Spice in Union Square in Manhattan. There are several Asian restaurants in this neighborhood alone that offer inexpensive lunch specials. At Spice, $7.50 gets you one each of 11 entrees and ten appetizers. Hannah and I both chose the green salad with taro chips and peanut dressing for our appetizer. I usually love green salads from Thai restaurants specifically for the peanut dressing. This one, sadly, did not impress. The limp greens were doused in copious amounts of dressing, which was also excessively salty. I did however enjoy the crunchy shreds of taro chips on top.

For her entree, Hannah ordered the Hawaiian ginger and pineapple vegetables with stir fried onion, scallion, mushroom and yellow beans. It was a standard mix of vegetables stir fried in a pungent ginger sauce and dotted with just a few chunks of pineapple. 

I chose the vegetable pad thai, which had a healthy amount of ground peanuts and vegetables. Spice gets points for appearance, with a playful scallion garnish sticking straight up out of the noodles. The sauce was slightly darker and saltier than some other pad thai I’ve had, but flavorful with wonderfully chewy noodles. Thus far I have not found any Thai that lives up to my beloved Tamarind House. Even with the subpar salad, the $7.50 lunch special is hard to beat.

39 East 13th Street
New York, NY
Spice on Urbanspoon

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5 Responses to Spice Restaurant

  1. Daisy says:

    lunching in NYC for $7.50! You live the good life!!

  2. Erica says:

    Wow! That is a super meal for the price. And everything looks fresh too. Fantastic.

  3. Megan says:

    The vegetable pad thai looks really good! I don’t think I’ve had pad thai in a dark sauce like that before either.

  4. Michelle says:

    It is a bummer about the salad but that lunch is still a really good deal!

  5. Ah, Spice 🙂 I go there for lunch every time I visit my friend Kim in NYC. Actually…I think once we went for lunch AND for dinner in the same day. So cheap, and usually pretty tasty!

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