Bedford Farms Ice Cream

One of the things I am happy to say I have taken advantage of this summer is the wealth of roadside ice cream stands in Massachusetts. I’d had Bedford Farms on my list of places to visit. This recent Chronicle HD segment was the motivation to finally go. Bedford Farms has two locations, one in Bedford and one right in downtown Concord. After visiting Kimball Farm a few weeks ago, we just so happened to pass by the Bedford location on the way back, and though I was far too full, I did hop out to take a quick look around. This time though, we ended up at the Concord location, which is slightly more of a shop than just a stand.

Bedford Farms has that same frustrating rule that allows only one flavor in a small. I was not up for a mammoth ice cream serving that day, so I grudgingly settled on one flavor. That one flavor was Tollhouse, vanilla ice cream with crushed Tollhouse chocolate chip cookies mixed in. This flavor tasted exactly like a Chipwich or chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich would taste like if you were to run it through a blender. Boldly flavored vanilla ice cream with crumbly cookie pieces and lots of chocolate chips. Had I been able to get a second flavor in a small, without a doubt I would have chosen chocolate chocolate pudding, with fudge, brownie chunks and chocolate chips swirled into chocolate ice cream. 

Earlier in the day, we’d stopped at the Assabet River National Wildlife Refuge in Sudbury, about 20 minutes west of Bedford Farms. From the main entrance, we took the main paved road to the Puffer Pond trail which leads you to the pond in no more than 15 minutes. If you’re looking for rugged terrain or a challenging hike, you won’t find it here. What you can expect are scenic walks and some pretty cool bird and dragonfly sightings.

Bedford Farms
68 Thoreau Street
Concord MA

Assabet River National Wildlife Refuge
Hudson Road
Sudbury, MA

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14 Responses to Bedford Farms Ice Cream

  1. OMG I want that Tollhouse ice cream! I love trying out new brands and flavors!

  2. Hannah says:

    Ice cream at Bedford Farms -classic dinner after working a long day in the sun at Drumlin. 🙂

  3. The scenery is just gorgeous. I have to admit, I usually eat frozen yogurt (BORING) but had some fresh ice cream in Maine a few weeks ago, and WOW what another world. I can only imagine what it tastes like with Tollhouse cookies!

  4. Daisy says:

    what is that no two flavors in one cup BS. No really, why does it matter?

  5. The no more than 1 flavor in a small service is bogus. Lame. But the ice cream looks delicious!

  6. Linda says:

    The ice cream looks so scrumptious and the scenery is just beautiful.

  7. The Tollhouse sounds so good! I love that area.

  8. Michelle says:

    Could I persuade you to an ice cream date this weekend?

  9. Megan says:

    You guys have been making some great day trips! The chocolate pudding ice cream sounds amazing.

    I had the most incredible coconut chocolate chip ice cream at Picco this weekend. I ordered a different flavor first and then tried a sample of the ccc and had to get that too!

  10. iamahoneybee says:

    that ice cream looks amazing.

  11. Joanne says:

    Gah. I’m pretty jealous of all of this ice cream! NYC is kind of devoid of really amazing ice cream shops…at least to my knowledge!

    • Elizabeth says:

      NYC definitely has nothing on Boston/MA when it comes to plain ice cream. In my opinion though, NY does win out with ice cream sandwiches: the smith, meatball shop, melt bakery. We should definitely hit some up when I’m in NY next

  12. Erica says:

    Gahhh! That looks awesome- what a cool flavor

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