Doves and Figs Jams

Through both managing a farmers’ market and attending them pretty regularly, I’ve become friendly with several area farmers and food producers. Getting to know vendors is without a doubt one of my favorite things about the markets. So it is quite a treat when someone who I knew first as a friend starts up their own food making operation and goes on to sell at a market. For those active in the Boston food blogging community, there’s a good chance you’ve met Robin of the blog Doves and Figs. I met Robin more than a year and a half ago, before I even started this blog.

Robin is a talented writer and cook with a bubbly, warm personality. In early June, she went into business canning and selling her jams, preserves and fruit conserves as the Doves and Figs Kitchen. Since then I’ve been following her Facebook updates as she travels to nearby farms for her fruit and tests out recipes. Robin is as passionate about supporting local farmers as I am and only buys fruit in season from area farms like Wards Berry Farm in Sharon and Kimball Fruit Farm in Pepperell.

 She has been selling her jams at farmers’ markets since July and I had a chance to visit her yesterday at the Arlington Farmers’ Market. After catching up for a few minutes I got to sampling a few flavors: Peachy Keen- a blend of white and yellow peaches with pecans & a touch of southern comfort; Summer Berry Swing- raspberries and blueberries in one simple summer jam; and a special flavor for the Jewish high holidays, Apple, Fig & Honey conserve. Her combinations are wonderfully fun and inventive, like a raspberry jam with Taza chocolate and walnuts. I don’t often mention jams on this blog, but I am actually a jam fanatic. I’m a sucker for a stewed conserve of sweet, ripe fruit. And when I eat it, I like it in heaping portions, piled high onto toast, stirred into yogurt, paired with various cheeses, or let’s be honest, just by the spoonful.

If you’ve never thought to eat jam by the spoonful, you might after tasting these. Robin starts with the highest quality fruits and adds very little sugar. The Summer Berry Swing is a succulent mix of whole blueberries simmered to a thick, syrupy nectar. The Peachy Keen is the one I’d really be tempted to eat with a spoon. A thick mass of sweet, chewy peach, studded with chunks of rich pecan. And the Apple, Fig & Honey, made with or without nuts, is a perfect break from the traditional Rosh Hashanah offering. As I’m desperately holding on to the last few days of warm weather and all that goes with it, I chose the summery, sun-kissed Peachy Keen and Summer Berry flavors.

You can check out the full line of flavors here. As soon as these jars are finished, the raspberry with Taza chocolate is next on my list. You can find Doves and Figs Kitchen every Wednesday at the Arlington Farmers’ Market and every Thursday at the Medford Farmers’ Market. Check out her Events & Markets page for a full schedule of where she’ll be.

Doves and Figs

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9 Responses to Doves and Figs Jams

  1. So neat! Let’s get her to the Harvard Sq market — which I need to stop by soon and say hello!

  2. Yum! They all sound amazing!

  3. Megan says:

    Great writeup! I never think to buy jam, but then once I actually have it, I enjoy it simply on toast with butter.

  4. I love that you highlighted Robin’s jam! Robin is such a wonderful writer, friend and businesswoman.

  5. shannon says:

    oh my, i’m loving the sound of peachy keen and the raspberry with taza! had no idea you manage a farmers market–very cool 🙂

  6. Joanne says:

    These jams sound awesome! I wonder if she would mail some if we paid for shipping…I may not be Jewish but I want that apple/fig/honey conserve on a grilled brie sandwich. STAT.

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